Person of Interest: Zygard

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ID: PoI-PL-69 ("Zygard")
Real Name: When asked for his real name, he smiled and walked away towards the sunset.
What we know about him: In the past life, he was himself. He is known to heal the sick just by entering a room, even his enemies have him marked in their contacts as "emergency number", he never claims that anything tastes like chicken, not even chicken. He can disarm you with his eyesight, or with his hands, one of the two. He can speak Polish in English. According to some, he discovered the fountain of youth, but did not drink from it because he was not thirsty. When he was stopped by the police in the European Parliament with a pocket knife, he gave police the ticket. Regardless of the temperature, you'll never be able to see his breathing, once he challenged his reflection to a duel of looking without blinking. After 4 days, he won. He is the reason why users cannot give approvals to rewrite articles in SCP-PL, otherwise the Polish branch would outperform the English site quality. The museums allow him to touch the exhibits, he cuts the frogs that are alive and happy to this day. He is the soul of the parties he has never been to, if he punched you in the face you would fight with a powerful desire to thank him. The sharks have a week dedicated to him. As he stepped among the crows, they began to croak like him. When opportunity is knocking and he is not home, opportunity awaits. When asked why he was not a candidate in the presidential election, he stated that it would not be fair to other candidates. He once met Chuck Norris and gave him his autograph.

He is the most interesting person in the world

Objects created by PoI-PL-69

SCP-PL-046 "Final Girl"
When he was a victim of Krueger Phenomon, it was he who haunted the murderers, not the other way around

SCP-PL-149 "The Cinema"
Movie based on his image won an Academy Award in each category

SCP-PL-259 "The list of territories conquered by Genghis Khan is incomplete, you can help by expanding it"
Genghis Khan saw him as an inspiration for his strategies

SCP-PL-289 "A Multidimensional Solution For Shopping at Biedronka"
He came to the end of Biedronka and then left. Then he came back and came to the end again because he forgot the phone

Documents from other organizations

App project — Malphas
When Malphas turns on the phone, his photos appear

Order MEF-2839
He convinced a class C demonic entity to cooperate

Order MEF-7629
He was shot by a bullet from Rokita's gun 4 times, just to feel what it was like

Esterberg (City) — Wikipedia
Wikipedia refused to write an article about him, because it would outshine every other article.

List of tales created by PoI-PL-69

First Occult Flame War
He wasn't banned from Void, it was him who banned Void.

Tales From The Bottom Of The Sea

Something's Fishy

When he was in the Fae Empire, Queen Mab asked for an audience with him

Pal o' Mine

Following the tracks of fate, the tracks adjust to him

Spruce Mist

When creature made of spruce encountered him, it was begging for mercy

Other works of PoI-PL-69

Cyców's Hell

When he was in Cyców, the devil signed a pact with him, not the other way around

Hunter Industries GoI Hub

Polish Author Page

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