Personnel File: Zolgamax Jones
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Name: Zolgamax Jones
Position: Archivist

Current Assignment: Archive filing, organization

No. of Formal Complaints Submitted by Employee: 237

Note: Due to the astronomical number of complaints submitted by Mr. Zolgamax Jones, many of them inane, the aforementioned employee is hereby forbidden from submitting any further input of this nature. All lines of complaint concerning Jones are to be considered officially closed. - Site-19 Director S. Richards, 08/27/2003

Notable anomalies archived by employee include:

SCP-2605 - The Caretaker
SCP-3403 - Summer Dogs

Accounts of note uncovered by employee include:

A Disturbance
Project Proposal 2004-024: "My Father's Values"
Birth by Guitar
The Ballad of Region 352
That's the Spirit!
Where Bad Children Go
Dossier - FSF Delivery

Fragmented text uncovered by employee may be viewed in:

Cavalcade Hub (poem)
SCP-4002-J - Curd of Prey (numerous puns)

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