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You're confused because there's no ACS icon you're looking to use, right?

You're in the right place.

Howdy, welcome to my art page! This is the place where I am going to publish my works, mainly ACS icons. Some of them are derivated from other's icons so that's explained why they look similar to each other. I hope you like my works!

This page is translated and pulled from my original art page at VN Branch, this may have differences from the original one due to licensing problems. Access the original page stored at VN Branch here.

There are a lot of people who do better than me, so you can check it out here or here. If you want me to design you a few icons then you can send me a private message.

You can find it here and here to understand its definition.

Note: The following icons are all originally 1400px and the file format is SVG. If you want to download it as PNG, you can download the File to go home.

Esoteric Classes

Established Esoteric Classes

Icon Definition
Argus.svg Argus: Item's containment is under the purview of a third party.
Drygiony.svg Drygioni: Item is currently under an official investigation for authenticity by the Overseer Council.
Eparch.svg Eparch: Item is non-anomalous but related to the anomalous.
Gevurah.svg Gevurah: Item endangers the inner structure of the Foundation and limits the ability of the Foundation to carry out its secondary objectives.
Israfil.svg Israfil: Item relates to or is the result of Action 10-Israfil-A.
Khonsu.svg Khonsu: The item is expected to be neutralized shortly by uncontrollable circumstances, making research a high priority.
Non-Anomalous.svg Non-Anomalous: N/A.
Spiritual.svg Spiritual: Item transcends different realities; the exact origin of this object class is unknown due to the nature of its singular usage.
Uncontainable.svg Uncontainable: N/A
Unknown.svg Unknown: N/A
Unnecessary.svg Unnecessary: N/A
Zeno.svg Zeno: Item has medium containment difficulty and is low threat.


Suffix System

Icon Definition
Alterius.svg Alterius: Item is alien to Earth, extraterrestrially or extradimensionally.

Type System

Icon Definition
Not yet.

Object/Containment System

Icon Definition
Not yet.

Additional Systems

Icon Definition
Paradox-Apollyon.svg Paradox-Apollyon: Item will inevitably destroy mankind and can be contained by the pre-emptive destruction of human life.

System Classes

Icon Definition
See%20Below.svg See Below: Item constitutes several anomalies with distinct object classes.

Informal Esoteric Classes

Icon Definition
Azathorth.svg Azathorth: Item is incredibly dangerous and destructive.
Echelon.svg Echelon: Item is the highest priority of the Foundation.
In%20doubt.svg In doubt: Item's effect precludes the usage of extant object classes.

Foreign Esoteric Classes

Icon Definition
Ain-Soph-Aur.svg Ain-Soph-Aur: Item is the only object that guarantees the survival and inheritance of normal humanity.
Aisna.svg Aisna: Item generates anomalies, can be activated by a sentient being, and is related to a deity or reality's origin.
Bakkhos.svg Bakkhos: Item blurs the distinction between life and death, changing the significance and concept of containment and protection and collapsing normality.
Dagdagiel.svg Dagdagiel: The report of the item is written in the dream.
Hod.svg Hod: Item can significantly impact the Foundation's operations, but will only do so if the Foundation allows it.
Malkuth.svg Malkuth: Item is or belongs to an advanced non-human civilization.
Nagi.svg Nagi: Item has lost its anomalous or dangerous features in a long span for some reason. The containment protocol will be continued, and will be immediately replaced with the appropriate object class if there are signs of anomalous activity again.
Necropsar.svg Necropsar: Item currently has no reliable evidence supporting its existence in the standard Human History Process (H-001), but can be confirmed to potentially exist through observations made by the Department of Historical Observation and Planning regarding other Human History Processes and hidden signs currently in H-001.
Pantokrat%C5%8Dr.svg Pantokratōr: Item is too large for containment to be realistic.
Tenebrarius.svg Tenebrarius: The Foundation does not and cannot possess information about the item.

Disruption Classes

Icon Definition
Not yet.

Risk Classes

Icon Definition
Yggdrasil.svg Yggdrasil: Item is capable of causing a ZK-Class End-of-Reality Scenario, or altering reality in a detrimental manner.

Some icons for the classification I invented myself

These classifications are the ones that I came up with myself. They have not been used or will be used in the future.

Secondary Class

Icon Definition
Definire.svg Definire: Item change the concept of anomalies.
Pranota.svg Pranota: Item may cause XK-Class End-of-the-World if being acknowledge by any entity.

Disruption Classes

Icon Definition
Nota.svg Nota: Item was known to civilians before it was considered an anomaly.
Oris.svg Oris: Item is useful for the Foundation but ordinary people need to know it as an anomaly.

Risk Classes

Icon Definition
Mutatio.svg Mutatio: Item that cause mutations in humans make humans new species and may indirectly cause the SK-Class Dominance Shift Scenario.

Contribution icons

These are icons contributed by others from the original page. These can be icons for existing classifications or for new classifications. I hope you like it.

Secondary Classes

Icon Definition Made by
Atlas.svg Atlas: Item is capable of causing YK-Class events in the future that are unable to be dealt with. The No Face does not match any existing user name and ZackVMK-13ZackVMK-13
Mendax.svg Mendax: N/A. The No Face does not match any existing user name and ZackVMK-13ZackVMK-13
Nehemoth.svg Nehemoth: N/A. Dr B2Dr B2 and ZackVMK-13ZackVMK-13
Ragnarok.svg Ragnarok: Item appear to exhibit similar characteristics as Apollyon-Class SCPs, but in reality are merely influencing their document's writer. Similar to Azathoth-Class, but on a larger, more Norwegian scale. The No Face does not match any existing user name and ZackVMK-13ZackVMK-13
Semipalis.png Semipalis: Item that has the same characteristic with Principalis-Class item except it's only affect some few O5. Laggy000929Laggy000929

Disruption Classes

Icon Definition Made by
Feelazo.svg Feelazo: Item only affects a certain geographical location, no matter how large the damage is only within the scope of that area. Ts StreetBoiiTs StreetBoii and ZackVMK-13ZackVMK-13

Risk Classes

Icon Definition Made by
Not yet.

Thank you

Thank you Duy GiangDuy Giang for giving me these amazing artworks and I have no words left to describe how happy I am now. You can see other paintings on his Artwork, Instagram, Twitter or DeviantArt page. I also greatly appreciate The No Face does not match any existing user name, Dr B2Dr B2, Laggy000929Laggy000929 and Ts StreetBoiiTs StreetBoii for collaborating and helping me create ACS icons. I'm also very grateful to everyone for my good reviews and help me so much.

Note: Please do not download the artworks above for any purpose. If you still want to download it, please go to Duy GiangDuy Giang's Artwork page to download it. Thank you.

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