Agent Dossier: Zacharia H


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Ref. # 2204215

Operational Cryptonyms: Agent H, Zacharia H



Active since: ██/06/2015

Detail: Agent "Zacharia H" is employed as a semi-autonomous operative in the Foundation Intelligence Agency (FIA) and is the current assistant to the chief of liasons for the southern African regional division of the Department of External Affairs (DEA).

The agent's primary directive is the investigation of anomalous phenomena in response to media watchdog alerts, and the subsequent documentation of contained phenomena. While typically a first responder in his capacity as a covert operative, the agent has been called on to conduct forensic investigations after clearing of potentially high-risk anomalous hazards by specialised response teams.

Agent "H" answers to FIA coordinators at Site-1511, to which he reports in person following the initial containment of an SCP item with which he has been involved. He has been highly active in the field since his recruitment and has a Cartwright clearance rate2 of approximately 60%.

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SCP-2194 - Filth

"Do you think there's more of that stuff, doctor? Elsewhere, I mean?"

SCP-2209 - Virtual Reality

"It does not want to be turned off again."

SCP-2230 - An Unlicensed Neurosurgeon

"SCP-2230 is not be given access to any form of electric device or components, or other personnel."

SCP-2374 - Transporting Washing Machines

"Nothing edible in that water. Plenty of things that want to eat you, though."

SCP-2884 - One Nation Under CCTV

"Instances of SCP-2884-2 appear in an area when an instance of SCP-2884-1 observes a perceived "criminal" act…"

SCP-2942 - My Other Car is a Fighter Jet

"Previous manifestations of remote operators have included a dynamic thermal field with no identifiable source, a luminescent and only partially tangible gelatinous mass, two or more disembodied human hands…"

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