Your Imaginary Friend

I've never seen this before.

He didn't buy it. I can see it in the way he looks at me with a vacant expression.

The files were uploaded to the database from your account.

Yeah, and I'm telling you there's no way I did it. I haven't even been able to log into my account for the past few days.

RAISA radiates beige energy. Don't ask me what beige energy is, but know that it describes their offices perfectly. The man sitting in front of me sighs, and slightly turns his monitor around.

Just… Look, I know you're new, and it's usually no big deal, but come on, this is lazy, even for fake documentation. Just admit you messed up, and we can both be on our way.

I look at the man. That does sound pretty good, even if I get reprimanded for something I didn't do. It's not like I leaked classified information, after all. I scan the document I'm being accused of making.

SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Site-0: Department of Unreality

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Unreality Containment Facility

Site/Area Identification Code: NULL-Site-0



General Information

Founded: Yes.

Founding Director: John H. Kempelen

Location: N/A, N/E, Null, 0,0,0, etc.

Site Function: Containment and research into Unreality.

Size: Standard.


Section One: Kempelen/Gat Stabilization Array.

Section Pi: Reality Injection Array.

Section Next: Storage.

Section Adjacent: Containment wing.

Section Previous: Containment wing.

Section: Administration.

Staffing Information:

Site Director: John Doe

Asst. Site Director: Mary Smith.

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Robert Johnson.

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: John Brown.

Asst. Dir. of Research: Jennifer Williams.

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Thomas Miller.

Asst. Dir. of Security: John Davis.

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces: Robert.

On-Site Psychologist: John Smith.

On-Site Personnel: No.

Reality Liaison: Alex Thorley.

Additional Information: N/A.

I turn to the RAISA employee.

So, if I say I did this, it goes away?

He seems relieved.

You'll have to take a mandatory course on database usage, but yes.

Sounds good. I'll take it.

He smiles.

Pleasure speaking with you, Mx. Thorley.

I get up as he deletes the dossier. I don't say a word until I'm back at my apartment. I wouldn't be able if I wanted to. Slowly, I try solving a puzzle with no real pieces.

As I stare at the wall, brain whirring through the noise of information, I keep thinking about a line in the now-deleted site dossier. Reality Liaison: Alex Thorley.

Why would the Department of Unreality take an interest in someone new to the Foundation? And more importantly, what does "Reality Liaison" even mean? It's about as realistic as every part of this godforsaken mess I'm in.

The more I think about it, the less it makes sense. What's a Reality Injection Array? Why would a fake site dossier appear out of nowhere? Why was it posted under my name?

A thought pops into my head. It doesn't let go.


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