You May Become Science
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First day with the Mission, and I’ve already witnessed a miracle! The church was deathly silent, apart from rain tapping at the windows, while I examined some scripture for Holy Law. Martyn was there with me, with an equally long and tedious textbook on Biology, and we both sat as the rain continued to grow in intensity. I swear the church swayed from side to side like a baby’s crib, a great gust of wind thrusting open the front door at increasing intervals. The small candles did nothing to compensate for the chills. The church would’ve collapsed if Ezekiel hadn’t come!

Martyn was the first to notice Ezekiel standing outside, arms reaching towards the sky and screaming, in his twinkling yellow robe. Ezekiel took a rat from his pocket, holding it towards the sun. As the screaming grew louder, the wind and rain were drowned out, and soon the clouds departed entirely, leaving the sun to take their place. A ray of light shone upon him. He looked back at me and said “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” The rat hid itself again.

When he came inside, he asked me and Martyn how we were going on our research. Martyn spoke of maths and sciences, the formulas to cells and tissue. I grasped at straws to report anything. Ezekiel laughed and put his hand on my shoulder. “In time,” he said “You’ll come to learn how to see the Science. It is a learned skill, and it is the most valuable.” He took his leave right after. One day, I’ll come to understand the Law.

I realize now that I can see my own breath where we do our research. Martyn never shudders, always wearing his poofy coat. He inspects all materials with his thin glasses, hastily writing in his notebook on the right, a list of already discovered constants on the left. I’m sitting here attempting to match his eye speed, and he’s already done with his page. I wonder why Ezekiel chose me to work with him, but I know that the Lord chose Ezekiel and the Lord chose me through him. There is nothing to ask.

I chatted with Martyn a bit on the nature of our study. It is such an enigma, Holy Science, always visible but never obtainable. There are normal constants, physics, thermodynamics, electricity, but this is different according to Martyn. “It gives off an aura of divinehood, He has to be in it, yet it works consistently. In time, we will understand it deeper. Even I am foolish to it.”

I received a letter from Ezekiel today about our new project. It is transcribed below:


To My Helpers

The time has struck again, my friends in study. I can sense the ground vibrating, twisting, turning, MOVING. The Holy Law works best in these times, I must tell you, the Lord repulses in this land. It is a sensible first step to harvest the Beast at this moment. I stared upon the Laptev, “And I saw a beast coming out of the sea.” The Science must be embedded into the sea for the waves to birth. It is then that we will witness PAROUSIA

I wish you the best of luck,


Ezekiel Valeriy Iepureanu
Primate Autocephalous Mission of Moldova”

Our pace of study has escalated greatly. I shall update when given time to.

What does it mean? All these concepts, they have no pattern, not that I can see, nor even Martyn. Scripture tells me nothing, the texts conflict, and pre-established conventions keep getting broken time and time again, it simply doesn’t make sense. Martyn keeps reassuring me that there is a link, a chain among these laws and concepts. He says that any true scientist faces struggle with their own work. Einstein, Boer, Curie, there is no great scientist immune to failure. “We are Scientists, with a capital S” he says, “God's Word can only be studied by Scientists. We are held back because of our position, this is what God intends.”

Ezekiel has given us no updates, although it is understandable. The Mission is grand now, we are beyond our simple foundation. He is but a simple man, albeit Holy. The Holy naturally escapes from this area. The trees shake in a way so wicked; this is our Holy Land. If God laid out gold, we have strucken it. We shall birth the vile to raise the Return.

If only those green doves could come to us now. Their blessing would be much appreciated.

10 subjects, carved of the finest clay! Ezekiel came with the delivery, he says he sensed a great energy awaiting corruption, editing, fine tuning. A cardboard box labeled “198d”, filled with clay fish, painted with a green cover. They remained unspecial at first before Ezekiel raised his hand and touched the box. Upon another glimpse and the box was filled halfway with water, the fish swimming free within! Martyn nearly fell backwards upon his first look and his eyes widened upon the second.

I was almost losing sight of the Science altogether! Of course, there is much work to do. These fish must birth the Beast. Our study is mostly complete, however. Now that we have the tangible law, the writing will take no time at all. The pieces are falling into place, I can see the pen putting Law into the page. If only Ezekiel were here 24/7.

Martyn is tentative still. “We still have much to do. If we have the pieces, which we might, then we still don’t know how to fit them.” Ezekiel smiled in response, and took one final fish out of his pocket before throwing it into the water, making it swim like the rest. We were left by ourselves once again.

There are some road bumps, it seems, in our path towards comprehension. There are some missing chunks we cannot ignore in our puzzle, and those chunks lead to even more mysteries. The biggest problem with our Miracle isn’t even the moving fish, it’s the water. What of the Law of Conservation of Mass? Do we disregard it, write a new law, and call that Holy Law? What must we do in response to that?

Martyn has been scrambling for answers. I see him writing constantly, formulas upon formulas, equations upon equations. All the while, I stare at our little Miracle. I know it was not meant to be easy. The Lord helps those who help themselves. I know, by the end, we’ll all be in a better place. Where is it, though? If not answers, I want signs. I’ll pray for answers in my bed. I’m not sure how well I’ll sleep, the downpour out here crackles like a firework.

Martyn is unresponsive. He has been sitting on his chair for hours now and I cannot achieve a response from him. He is like a stone sculpture; I don’t believe I’ve seen him blink since I woke up. His hands rest of his knees while his face stares blindly at the wall, covered in photos of crosses and saints. In the middle, Ezekiel stares at Martyn back. I’ve tried contacting Ezekiel, but the cell signal is horrible here. I’ll attempt to carry Martyn to the nearest hospital.

I’m just now looking at Martyn’s notes. The handwriting is just scribbles, ordered into equations and bulleted lists. There are notes in the margins, across pages, on sticky notes outside of the notebook. “198d(82)=x+><> 198(d)(Science) 1 9 8 d 1 9 8 d”. A whole bunch of pages are torn out. My goodness.

“ Science ScienceScienceSc1enceScienceScienceScience9cienceScienceScience ScienceScience8cienceScienceScienceScienceSdcienceScience Save me God the Science I can’t the Science I Ezekiel please save me Eze198d fuck Holy holy Law christ the LORD LORDE PLEASE EZEK IEEL EEL”

Martyn ran into the rain. I tried to stop him, but it sounded like he hit something outside. It’s Ezekiel. They’re talking.


“You can’t fucking fool me, Ezekiel. I figured it out. Let me leave.”

“You are foolish! Do you not see the patterns in front of your eyes?”

“It is not patterns! It's just unnatural! You're unnatural! You can’t fool me. I’ve seen enough.”

“God does not lie to me, Martyn! There is real and tangible Holy Law, all around us, you are just blind! What you are saying right now is blasphemous, there is no anomaly. If anything, you are the anomaly!”

“I wish to not hear any more of your laws.”

“God works through me. I can’t let this go to waste.”

I hear screaming. It’s screaming and it won’t stop. It drones on into the infinite like a black hole, it just keeps going on and on. I’m hiding behind my desk now, yet I can feel its presence in the house! Stop the screaming! Please, stop! I’m praying, let it stop!

A new person came. Her name is Theodora, and she came in with an umbrella and a rain jacket. She says she’s my new partner, studying chemistry and how it relates to the science. I gave her a book and told her to read it cover to cover. I’m sitting down now, I’m too tired.

A fish just gave birth in the box. The baby fish turned to me and said “Run”. Run. Run away. Run away from the science. Run away from the Mission, from the church, from Ezekiel. Run away from Martyn. Run run run run run run away. I’m running away. I’m running away at midnight, when no one can hear me, and I’m leaving this here. If anyone reads this, run away too. I’ve spent way too long on the Science. You don’t need to either. There is none.

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