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Jessica crossed off February 28th, 2019 on her calendar. She couldn't help but smile a little. Two months off the grid. Alex and Cindy thought she was joking at first, but Jessica had just quit her job at Google, and her parents owned a small cabin in Montana they used as a vacation home. It was the perfect opportunity to get away.

Two months ago, Jessica felt anxious whenever she checked her phone. Or her email. Or turned on the TV. Her body would tense up, bracing for the bad news. It was always bad news. Even the good news was bad news, since it meant there was more news.

She prepared a breakfast of beef jerky and eggs. She cooked the eggs over a self-made fire using the wood she'd chopped the other day.

After she finished her meal, Jessica went back to the bedroom. She kept her laptop and phone in a safe next to the nightstand. Her smile widened a little more. After so long away, Jessica was looking forward to reading messages again.

I wonder how everyone is doing?

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