Track 4: You and Me
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"You and Me"

By Morgan

Verse I

You and me,
Should take a trip across the galaxy,
And feel the waves of our own energy,
Everything will come together slowly,

You and me,
We’ll float through eternity,
We’ll stay up all night and wonder about
where we’ve been and where we’ll go,
What we’ve seen and what we’ll know,
Guided by the lights above us,


You, and, me,
Vessels on an open sea,
You, and, me,
I want to be there with you,
To see it all within you,
Becoming part of everything.

Verse II

You and me,
Have seen the planets dancing around merrily,
Have dreamt about those far off things,
That cannot help but make us sing,
About the beauty of the skies,
And how we want to live our lives.

You and me,
Will finish our time here one day eventually,
And when we’re gone, they’ll look up here,
and see us grinning ear to ear
They'll follow us to heaven's arms,
So infinitely greater,
something that surpasses,
all our hopes, and, dreams.



I don’t want you to think that this is just a passing thought,
I’ve dreamt about it ever since the day you came and caught
my heart.

I’ll give you this, eternity,
and keep it by your side,
So I can be there with you,
when you lay down and die

But don’t weep for me darling,
There’s nothing left to fear,
I’m out here dancing with the stars,
and soon you’ll be here,

Chorus X2

So I found this in Morgan’s bag. I showed it to Brooke, and she’s almost positive he wrote it about Rosa. Jackass. But it’s really pretty, so I think we’re gonna put it on the EP. -Clyde
Sad song, though. - Brooke

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