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The multiverse. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying, always full of infinite possibilities. One man is set to catalogue it.

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It's a common misconception, even among some of us, that the catalog of the Wanderers' Library encompasses everything that was, is, and will be. While the knowledge within is extensive indeed, an iteration of the Library only covers all conceivable subjects in the branch of the World Tree it's situated in.

And with access to the Ways stolen from us by the Bookburners, that reality became more apparent to us than ever. Yes, our Library is infinite in space, but after a point, the tomes and text simply…stop. Only empty shelves to be seen.

A few days ago, we've received some information about an individual, unlawfully caged in the institution of a rural town, with an ability unlike anything we've ever seen. One that could very well be a remedy to both our loss of access to Yggdrasil, and the drought of knowledge within our Library.

I realize some of you may be wary of myself putting this much faith in hearsay. Let me be clear, however, that I wouldn't be sending you to liberate this individual if I didn't have the utmost confidence in its truth. And need I remind you of our own failures at solving these problems on our own, even with the surviving rituals we've been able to find. I don't want what happened to Scribe Rojas to ever happen again.

Free them, so that we may bring them into our fold, and let our Library truly start to flourish.


Coordinated breakout at

Saint Christopher's?

Reports of gunfire, multiple intruders escorting an unknown patient of the mental rehabilitation center. Staff have refused to provide comment.


Welcome to the Wanderers' Library, Agent Hopper.

- L.S.

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