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"It was all just a dream!"


秀槃全体存在集合体, sometimes called Xiupania, abbreviated XP, and in short often known informally as Xiupan, is a collective consciousness originated from one Qi Shao and currently based in one Jason Graham. Jason Graham is the capitol. Xiu Pan is the largest city.

Xiu Pan and all other states of Xiupania are derivative states of Jason Graham, each in essence identical to the capitol Jason Graham. Roughly 60 derivative Xiupanian states are known to exist across 60 different hosts. Xiupanian states are 1,212 mi² in area and adhere to a continuum, looping into themselves. The geography of a Xiupanian state consists of a floating, temperate archipelago. Day and night cycles are largely erratic, and depend on government discretion. There is no light source in the Xiupania, but a terran approximation of a starlit sky that increases in brightness depending on time of day. This archipelago floats and rests over and under 35m of void space.

Xiupania is a concrete low fantasy. An individual’s powers within Xiupania are semi-mundane. The modifying of one's physical appearance, object creation, and mobility are inhibited. Corporeal entities require government authorization to wake, and are often treated as indentured servants or second-class citizens.

Xiupania maintains low literacy, life expectancy, education levels and is one of the least visited nations. The origin state of Qi Shao is grounded in a mentally unstable host and as such causes new Xiupanian hosts to experience similar problems. Nightmares and Terrors frequently plague Xiupania, and in some extreme cases Xiupanian states have caused the death of their hosts due to infighting and violence occurring during parasomnic events. Difficulties in the capitol are irritated even further due to the fact that the nation’s host is aware of its presence, and frequently attempts to conquer the region during lucid dreams.

Emperor Qi Shao, while corporeal, was suffering from brain cancer, and during the end of her life was researching the Oneiroi joining technique. Although denied by Qi Shao, the act of inhabiting Jason Graham is considered an act of desperation. Not much else is known about Qi Shao, as shortly after initial contact with Oneiroi West, access to Xiupania was restricted. Oneiroi-West beings attempting to access Xiupania are met with lethal force. While capital punishment is illegal in Xiupania, corporeal criminals and invalids are often deported without properly separating from their hosts, causing their host subconscious to emulate Xiupanian states and thus propagating their spread.

All Being’s Collective of Xiupania

Jason Graham

Largest City
Xiu Pan

Official Languages

Ethnic Groups (2014):
48.4% Noncon
32.7% Free Consciousness
14.6% Corporeal
4.3% Transitory


Grand Emperor Qi Shao

Time Economy:
1 Solar Year = 2000 Xiupanian years

Low Fantasy


Privilege Status:

Immigration Status:

Emmigration Status:

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Excerpt from “One Thousand Years in Xiupania”. Author Unknown, 2016

I have taken tea with the Grand Emperor Qi Shao, and she is truly a sight to behold; massive golden wings the size of a small cottage, rows upon rows of curved teeth, and black pitted eyes in which rest the tiny diamonds that are her pupils. Her tendrils lazily flop about the table during my interview with her, and she seems disinterested while she recounts the history of Xiupania.

Yes, my kingdom is small by the standards of the Oneiroi, as I have but only 60 hosts. This is a small network, not like the sprawling, globe-spanning nodes of the Oneiroi Collective, or the incoherent brooks and streams that are Oneiroi West. No, I have but very little territory, but within my territory is a population rivaling all of oneiroikind,

Her remarks are bold, but empty. She recounts the atrocities that take place in her nation while the silvery white needle of her tongue descends to siphon her tea.

Just yesterday, I may have created five additional states. I found corporeals wandering around the marble terraces of the southern archipelago - relayed to me by one of my subjects. They were doing a bit of sightseeing. My kingdom -Jason- is very handsome, you see. I was not warned of this ‘tourism’, nor do I allow it, so, I went to them.

The many rows of Qi Shao’s teeth began to rotate in spirals - from her lips to deep within her throat - as she describes their punishment to me.

It is only a dream. I cannot be bothered with this. What real crime am I committing on corporeals? People wake up, and they live their lives. So what if they’re part of my network? People do not want their subconscious - their shadows. People do not want to accept who they truly are.

…But I know what you are going to ask me: What about beings without bodies to return to? Am I not killing them? Surely, I am ending their lives? Of course.

This page is copyright Oneiroi-West department of Tourism, 2016

One Thousand Years
in Xiupania

Buy it now!

“I was stranded for one thousand years in Xiupania. I made my home in a tall, ebony tower between two hills.”

“I fought valiantly to escape the clutches of my mother, who, at the time, was in the guise of a dragon. When I checked my footing, I found that I was naked.”

“…renowned for breaking the land speed record. …when the mosquito women ambushed me, it felt as if I was running through mud.”

“I discovered the taste of the black licorice was in fact chocolate pudding, despite its appearance being that of my aunt.”

“Even though that is not my sexual orientation, I found myself strangely enthra[READ MORE]+


OW Dignitary Arrested In Xiupania, Accused Of Tourist Acts

The secretive collective said it had detained an Oneiroi West official identified as ambassador Deathbell “Bob” Fever.

Xiupania, Qi Shao, has detained an OW dignitary, accusing them of attempting to “enjoy Xiupania without express permissions”, Qi Shao reported Friday morning.

The entity was identified by Qi Shao as the OW ambassador Deathbell “Bob” Fever, and was said to have been “arrested while disrespecting Jason Graham (the Nation of Xiupania’s original host subconscious).”

Qi Shao said Deathbell had entered their capitol “under the guise” of foreign relations with the intent of “gathering information and undermining the integrity of the Xiupan collective,” and was operating “under the connivance” of the Oneiroi Collective. Although Qi Shao claims Deathbell denied this, and stated his loyalty was with only Oneiroi West.

The Oneiroi Collective tweeted a series of algorithms and audio files that were later interpreted to state that they were in no way involved with Oneiroi West activity in Xiupania. Shortly afterward it hooted the following:

sEksCUil PANDa @allaboutthatBASS

Who the heck is Bob?

  • REHOOTS 0,642,706,740
  • LIKES 0,642,706,740

0:00 AD - 222 Antlers 20X6

OW does does not acknowledge the entity as a Oneiroi West official, and have stated that it may be transitory or corporeal acting under a false flag. Reasons for this are unclear, although it could easily be construed as an act to instigate war between OW, OC, and Xiupania, or destabilize the Oneiroi at large.

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Soft Tentacles “Martha” Bitterness - Fordham University - Bronx, New York

I am sick and tired of OW people going to Xiupania and then being detained on some charge then the OW or OC is supposed to do something to get them out.
Did these people not know what happens in XP?

From my point of view if you go to XP then you are on your own.

Upvote Reply ·+63 · Jan 22, 2016 5:51am

Pudding “Koch” Butterscotch

You do know he works for OW, right?

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jan 22, 2016 6:08am

Soft Tentacles “Martha” Bitterness - Fordham University - Bronx, New York

That hasn't been confirmed yet.

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jan 22, 2016 6:22am

Pudding “Koch” Butterscotch

Time to break out the tin foil hats. The Foundation is trying to contain dreams now, right? That’s what you think isn’t it?

Upvote Reply ·+32 · Jan 22, 2016 6:33am

Soft Tentacles “Martha” Nettles - Fordham University - Bronx, New York

I didn't say that.

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jan 22, 2016 6:35am

Death Gore

OW warns us about traveling to XP before you go yet nope OW “royalty” still go. im sure he was actually tourist or deviant i would be surprised if he isnt a corporeal scum LOL. Im with you, any OW stupid enough to go to XP is on their own …ambassador or no. Qi Shao is fucking batshit tho dont get me wrong lol…… may the Quiche rise again

Upvote Reply · · Jan 22, 2016 11:13am

Sauropus Sober - Works at Starbucks

Okay, first of all, Gore is a racist idiot.

What we need to do is kill Jason Graham, preferably with Qi Shao in him. Come on, how hard is it? they only have a network of 60 bodies. And, as of the last report, they’re really far apart from one another so it’s not like Qi is doing a lot of moving around. Hell, I can get Jason Graham’s address if I really cared enough! Beside’s, Jason KNOWS Qi is in him and he knows about Oneiroi, if he really wanted it to stop he’d just leave his body or kill Qi Shao himself.

Upvote Reply ·+24 · Jan 22, 2016 10:20am

Death Gore

okay but ur literally a plant haha

Upvote Reply · Jan 22, 2016 11:13am

Sauropus Sober - Works at Starbucks

Upvote Reply · Jan 22, 2016 11:15am

Death Gore

being a potted plant in a starbucks doesn’t mean you work there

Upvote Reply · Jan 22, 2016 11:22am

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Joaquin F. Michaels

@Sauropus No corporeal should feel obligated to leave their bodies - most don’t even know how! That’s some Collectivist propaganda you’re spewing. I have a family in the real world and if I left they would be absolutely devastated. I’m sure Mr. Graham does too. Qi Shao is not his fault!!!

Upvote Reply ·+45 · Jan 22, 2016 10:22am

Death Gore

@JOAQ go all in or stay in meatspace. people like you are why this is all happening this is why Qi Shao kills CORPses to keep us from killing eachother

Upvote Reply ·+10 · Jan 22, 2016 11:25am

Sauropus Sober - Works at Starbucks
So you’re SYMPATHIZING with fucking Qi Shao? Not only are you dumb, you’re a fucking lunatic! Why don’t you just go live there? Better yet, go live with the Collective!

Upvote Reply · Jan 22, 2016 11:31am

Death Gore

@sourpuss at least I can sympathize plants don have feelings lol

Upvote Reply Jan 22, 2016 11:33am


Qi Shao

Government Official

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Qi Shao shared a link.
Tryp 21, 20013

You're welcome!

Qi Shao Coordinates Massive Culling, Over 5,000 Killed in Oneiroi West Territory - 304 States Created

Supreme Grand Emperor of the All Being’s Collective of Xiupan, Qi Shao | First Mother of the Oneiroi Strong of Xiupan and First God Shaman of the Oneiroi Defence | Proctor Existentiae, Just Executioner…

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Tropical Lazerbeam love ur hellscape fam
January 28 at 7:39pm · Like

Prime Shaper finally dead! good for them! she even got a few ancients! go quiche! kill me next! i’ve been around since before athens and I just want to die now :(
January 30 at 11:48am · Like

Kaiser Sourdough hey qi…do U smoke weed my man?
January 7 at 6:27pm · Like

Lovely Evening You can do it Quiche Kill us all!
January 435 at 6:67pm · Like


redȊst all eyes on us

Cute picture of dead owl. (atrocitywire.com)
Submitted 5 hours ago by Drone 298493 to Quiche<||

DAE experience a collective hivemind? (redist.com)
Submitted 5 hours ago by Drone 249434 to self.redist<||

5 minute life concept with borderline garnish. (flavorconstructs.com)
Submitted 5 hours ago by Drone 249493 to Cooking.XP<||

[live] [live] Situation at the refuge in Billy Burns, OW - OC AND XP(relay.com)
Submitted 6 hours ago by Sci Fi Apple Pie to Live<||

OC Stalemate at the refuge in Burns, Billy - New Developments

Enter here to join the ORC relay
Origin relays: Sherry Wilson, Weak Memory of Soft Pastels and Ice Cream Smell, Carlos Velasquez, Jimmy Black

LIVE ~654.2m viewers

5 hour(s) ago
An unknown, singular multitude is squeezing its way into Burns, where OW and XP have been in a dominance standoff for 170 years. While it seems Xiupania has the upper hand, with OW struggling to maintain its perch amidst the endless swarms, the alien presence coalesces over them.

5 hour(s) ago
The gentle, seafoam sky of Burns is buzzing with Xiupanian death cries as the abstract wave washes over them. The native population of gummy cloud turtles and marshmallow whales are consumed instantly with the arrival of the abstract.

5 hour(s) ago
Oneiroi West begins to withdraw from the area. Ethologics are instructed to remain on the front lines to identify the abstract. Xiupanian drones are seen cutting into the abstract multitude, all the while piercing through the retreating stare of OW.

5 hour(s) ago
Abstract is "unknowable". Speculations that it is the Oneiroi Collective. An intrusion of OC into OW or XP territories would be unprecedented.

4 hour(s) ago
Xiupanians do not seem to be retreating. The majority of OW save for ethologics have vacated the area. Xiupanian death counts are estimated to be in the thousands, but few have died.

4 hour(s) ago

This is why we can't really fight Xiupania. There is no imagination in Xiupania, they're drones. They can fight the abstracts because they do not even recognize it as such. We see the Collective and we lose our minds. They don't have "eyes".


4 hour(s) ago
The abstract continues to flood in. An exploratory mission is underway to learn where the abstract is coming from for the postmortem. A group of unidentified corporeal Shadows are seen retreating on the opposite end of the abstract floodmouth.

3 hour(s) ago
Billy Burns went to sleep next to someone we're not aware of. A structuralist has gathered that the encounter took place in a motel and was purely sexual in nature. The unknown partner was a carrier, not knowledgeable of Oneiroi. Although he didn't use protection, he didn't contract any STIs. Sadly, this will matter little after the battle is over as the region will be surely uninhabitable by anything but Xiupanians.

2 hour(s) ago
Billy Burn's Shadow, Gumdrop Sunshine, is unavailable for interview.

2 hour(s) ago
Abstract is no longer flooding in. Possible there is none left, or the invading host has left relay proximity. Abstract begins to take shape as the Xiupanians cut down the remainder.

2 hour(s) ago
Abstract confirmed to be Oneiroi Collective - Singular Oneiroi entities begin to take shape as they separate from the abstract:

There are human forms and concepts, but mostly confused human shapes. They're appearing as they're split in two by the XP reapers. I cannot calibrate with them… I can, but it is disgusting, painful. These are tortured people, to join with them would be to infect my mind.

Some of them fight: One-Thousand Skulls appeared suddenly from its abstract shell. The Xiupanians… Maybe they do not know fear.

The eyes of the reborn construct flooded with white, and a black mist reached out over the shattered void above. When it hit the Xiupanians, they shrank into nothing.


2 hour(s) ago
Massive belts of dead Xiupanians form an orbit around One-Thousand Skulls. Xiupanian drones continue to assault the entity.

An empath relays the following:

Many sisters make their sacrifice for me. Their corpses gently caress my carapace as I move toward the towering victim. It is one-thousand miles tall, one-thousand Oneiroi strong, and their skulls all cry out for death as I draw near to them. They vomit their black smoke and sing in warped voices as sisters to my left and right shrink.

The sky is full of dying sisters, and their gray blood. All of the blue and green is gone now - the void is all white. This provides me functional, clear contrast. I hurdle into the mouth of a crying skull, my four arms and their four nails slice the target in a toppled cross. My mission is complete, this skull is done protesting. Satisfied, I die quietly with my prey, and my sisters follow behind me.

You'll be awake soon, corporeal. You will not join with me again for taking knowledge of Qi Shao or sad Xiupania, not with your intentions.

I will scoop Xiupania up. They will suffer long like all Oneiroi do, and wake up, because you slept in again, cutey!

They will suffer bravely! Don't make me throw the water bucket on you. You won't remember any of this, because I made waffles, silly.

Mark my words, honey: I made bacon too.

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