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Agent █████ during the exploration of [REDACTED].


Occupation: Field Agent

Location: [UNKNOWN]

History: The individual formerly known as Agent █████ █████ has been identified as a deep-cover operative tasked with infiltration, and assassination of high value targets within organizations pertaining to anomalous objects and events. The subject is believed to have mislead agents during numerous investigations, resulting in either loss of personnel or objects. The subject's current location is unknown.

Personnel of appropriate clearance levels may refer to the attached document, for a list of anomalies the subject was associated with.

Document XF-1:

SCP-3235 - "The Baba-disease"
SCP-3325 - "Live Entertainment"
SCP-3409 - "The Chocolate Factory"
SCP-3574 - "Lambs to the Slaughter"
SCP-3607 - "Residence Evil"
SCP-3974 - "Such Sweet Sorrow"


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