Hello Readers,
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I am XaiviarNightwingXaiviarNightwing a new and upcoming author.

I go by XaiviarNightwing2 on Site#19 because I botched my first few attempts to sign up.

Please feel free to contact me with any critiques or comments you have of any of my posts or in progress works.

I seek to one day establish my own personal headcanon as a featured canon on the main site.

However, my current goal is to get my GoIs up and running.
PM me if you are interested in working on it with me.

I have a headspace where I work on things.

I have also posted a few things, below I have them in chronological order of my headcanon:

A Night to Remember
The tale introducing some of my recurring characters. A fun Halloween party.

The Memory Merchant
My first posted SCP. A scale that allows the exchange of memories.

Subliminal Manipulations
First tale featuring the Attendants of Requital.

Orientation into the Attendants of Requital
Second tale featuring the Attendants of Requital.

My first instance of introducing my future GoIs. About a canine with an interesting gene.

Best Regards,

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