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Dr. Hu An (胡安)
Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi (胡制)
Agent Hu Bao (胡保)

Name: Dr. Hu An

Security Clearance Level: 3

Position: Containment Consultant

Site of Operations: Subject to changes; currently Site-742 (Sarawak, Malaysia)

Service Transcript: The eldest daughter of Dr. Hu Cuo, Dr. Hu An entered the Foundation upon completion of her studies in [REDACTED]. Since the accident of her brother Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi, Dr. Hu An refrains from speaking at all despite not being mute. Instead, she communicates via text messages, American sign language and even carries her handphone and a writing pad to convey ideas. When probed by superiors, she had written the following answer:

The written word is the definite word.

Despite her silence, she is dedicated to her work. Instructions conveyed by Dr. Hu An are known to have heightened site safety and reduced containment breaches.

Publication Record

Document Type Staff-deleted Self-deleted Online
SCP 2 9 29
Tales 0 5 12
GoI Format 0 0 6
Total 2 14 47
Other Documents Staff-deleted Self-deleted Online
Supplement 1 0 0
Author Page 0 0 1
Collaborative Documents Staff-deleted Self-deleted Online
Tales 0 0 1
Supplement 0 0 1
Hub 0 0 1
Total 0 0 1
Other Contributions Frequency
SCP contribution 6
Joke article contribution 1
Tale contribution 3
Hub contribution 1
Total 11

Dr. Hu An has reviewed and offered advisory on the following SCP objects.

Dr. Hu An is involved in amending documentation on the following SCP objects.

Dr. Hu An has contributed to the following collaborative projects regarding certain SCP objects.1

Dr. Hu An oversees the following collaborative project.

The following fictional publications on The Foundation monthly newsletter are attributed to Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi.

Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi oversees the following collaborative literary projects.

Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi has contributed to the following collaborative literary projects.2

Agent Hu Bao has recovered the following documents from targeted Groups of Interest.

Agent Hu Bao is involved in the following collaborative document centred on targeted Groups of Interest.

For projects in development, see here, there and yonder.

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