Dark was the night, cold was the ground.
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For one day the Foundation opened its doors, allowing all the nonviolent anomalies in their care to roam free. The masses of orange-clad D-Class subjects in their ward were similarly freed. Drinks were shared among the top brass of senior staff. Doctors Clef and Kondraki made amends, Doctor Gears smiled, and the Administrator held a celebratory speech.



The GOC laid down their weapons, their war against the supernatural was finally over. Governments and their anomalous branches shut down for an international day of rest. Anderson Robotics and Prometheus Labs simultaneously announced their closure. The Master Foreman released all of his workers.

Deer College shut its doors, declaring an impromptu vacation. The cozy fireplaces of the Marshall, Carter, and Dark London lounge were long extinguished, having no one to tend to them. A father and his estranged daughter hugged one last time within the main office of the Wilson Center. A practitioner of whimsy looked out of the window of their workshop, delighting in the warm day's embrace.



The world had gone beautiful, but just for a day. The following morning there would be nothing left of the pale blue dot and its people. Nothing but a single probe aimlessly floating in the void, playing its mournful tune.


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