Agent Lily Flower's Personnel File

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Agent Flower hard at work

Name: Agent Lily Flower

Security Clearance: Level-1917

Duties: Political Agitator Radical Jacobin
Marxist Thinker Žižek Apologist Red Menace Literally just Rosa Luxembourg in a mask Folk Singer Union Organiser Alt-Left Soros-Funded Antifa Terrorist Clinton Supp- I can't even finish that one Revolutionary

Location: Where she's needed most

History: Agent Lily Flower was born in Scotland in the year [REDACTED]. Her early life [DATA EXPUNGED] culminating in the assassination and overthrow of the President of [REDACTED] and her recruitment to the Foundation. Agent Flower has since been involved in a number of political upheavals, notably [REDACTED] and the establishment of full global communism in 2025.

SCPs Agent Flower has obtained seized:

Documents Agent Flower has written for the people:

Other Things By Agent Flower:

In light of the new rules regarding donations, I've decided to include a wishlist here for reference.

I accept sacrifices of firstborn children, prized heirlooms, landlords, or CEOs. For bigger sacrifices i.e. political/religious leaders or snails, contact me and we'll set something up.

Alternatively, you could donate your life assets to me and I'll in turn donate this to a charity of my choosing. This is within the rules. Contact me if interested.

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