Interlude: A Special Letter
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Document found among the personal effects of D████ W█████, recovered during Operation PURPLE ENVELOPE

Dearest Aaron William Coolridge-Yates,

You're one of Doctor Wondertainment's absolute bestest customers, ordering more tubes of Realitastic Amaz-o-paint!™ and blocks of Incredi-sculpt Wonderclay™ than ANYONE!!! Doctor Wondertainment is so impressed by your dedication that you get to join a VERY SPECIAL CLUB! reserved for only the most special fans!

Included is your VERY OWN membership card for the "Doctor Wondertainment's Best Wonder-Pals Clubhouse™!" As a member, you get early access to some of Doctor Wondertainment's up-and-coming toys and games, as well as special offers only for Club Members!

But THAT'S NOT ALL!! You're also getting an early copy of Doctor Wondertainment's newest product: The Build-Your-Own Enormo-gantic Structural Creativity Playset™, part of the new line of Build-Your-Own toys, coming just in time for all winter holidays! It has everything, including plenty of Snap-Tite Super-Dowels™, a full bolt of Doctor Wondertainment's Carbon-nanoweave Ultra-fabric™, and THREE full-size Funderful Magnetocubes™!

And remember! Always have a funtastic time!

Your most joyful Wonder-Pal!
Doctor Wondertainment

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