WMDD's Proposal
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NOTICE: "Project Palisade" is not an SCP-001 file. "Project Palisade" data represents itself as being an SCP-001 file, has all protections of an SCP-001 file, can only be read by being entered into the Foundation system as an SCP-001 file, and can only be accessed or understood by Foundation personnel with access to SCP-001 files.

However, all data categorized under "Project Palisade" is extra-universal in origin. None of the following data has been created or altered by any known member of the Foundation. The origin of this file is likewise unknown.

UPDATE: On 06/29/2018, all "Project Palisade" data was removed from the Foundation system by unknown means. Simultaneously, all personnel lost memory of the data's existence.

On 09/03/2018, "Project Palisade" data was restored to the Foundation system, with significant changes. Personnel memories were restored of the prior iteration as well, but not in enough detail to recreate the original. Investigation is so far inconclusive. Cleared personnel are advised to read with caution.

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