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It's been a little while since I've last seen my kids.

That fucking dirtbag, Jerry… at least he got to rot in hell, without this pain. Should've shot him in the nuts instead of the head.

It's been three years since I've been sentenced. Two weeks ago, though, a man working for this so-called "Foundation" thingy asked me if I wanted to participate in some research study.

I asked him what I got in return, and he said after a month, I could be free. Of course, I would accept such an offer, anything to get me out of this piece-of-shit prison cell.

Whatever these scientist-douchebags injected me with, it's painful.

They watched behind glass windows as I bled out. I kept bleeding, but refused to die. Those men in their white jackets, continuing to watch over me.

Finally, the bleeding stopped. They allowed me to rest, at least for a short while, before they injected me with something else…

… when I woke up, I was already forced into a clear box, and above a shaft. Holy shit - that's one long drop down.

I heard a microphone asking me to "concentrate" on growing wings. How the fuck was I supposed to do that? Of course, I told them to go fuck themselves. They gave me 15 minutes, and I saw a timer start counting down from 15. I didn't know what would happen at 0, but I didn't want to find out.

I felt my body shake, as if something began to tear its way from my back. I thought for a short while about what they injected me with, and… maybe, I could grow wings.

With every last bit of my will, I forced my body to grow these "wings". It felt like an eternity, forcing these painful shards out of my back.

And they grew. Ugly, flesh-formed wings like a bat, but they're still wings. The timer was at 2 minutes.

I forced open the lid of the box. Thankfully, it wasn't reinforced or locked or anything.

I spread my wings, and began to fly. Almost fell down the first few flaps, but got the hang of this.

As I began to fly to the surface, I thought of my kids once more. I could go see them again!

I saw some scientists in their ugly orange suits and some military guys in black follow me. They can't catch me now!

I'm almost free! I'm almost-

EXCERPT: Post-Experiment Log 016-08 - 02/04/████

"D-11621 was infected with SCP-016 on ██/██/████, and managed to survive the near-total exsanguination. D-11621 was placed in an acrylic box suspended above a mine shaft, and was told to focus on growing wings, and given 15 minutes before the bomb detonated. At the two minute mark, it was observed that D-11621 finally grew out a fully-formed set of wings, similar to a bat. Using these wings, D-11621 was able to escape the mine shaft and fly above Testing Area-██. Subject was terminated by gunshot fired from a Mossberg 500 shotgun. Autopsy revealed the wings anchored to the shoulder blades, and the muscles also attached to the shoulder blades and collar bones. Genetic testing of D-11621 is underway, to determine if genetic makeup affects the outcome of 016 mutation. - Dr. E. K. Sze

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