Wilson's Wildlife Adoption Gallery


IMPORTANT: Grand Opening!

As some of you folks may already know, with the help of a few Federal friends, Wilson's will soon be opening our first new location outside of Boring. This time, it'll be an adoption center in the strange and exciting city of Three Portlands, where our critters can find new homes, with owners just as bizarre as them! To accompany this gigantic milestone, we decided to put together a gallery of some of our best pets we put up for adoption — and you can help us, too! Any WWS worker with database access and an animal under their supervision that wants to help them find a new and loving home can add a photo and short description of them to the below grid, using some special formatting our tech specialists put up together.

Have fun, and don't forget to be there for the grand opening!

— Faeowynn Wilson

Psst: Please wait a moment for all the images to load; there's a bunch of them. Click on a critter image to enlarge it in a new browser tab, and click the volunteer username beneath it to access the database account of the volunteer taking care of the pet!

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