From the desk of B. Dark:
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Gentlemen, the year is 194█. I have been gone from your sight for a very long time, and traveled far along my own grim path. Such is life! But, having left you as keepers of my fortunes in my absence, I must now instruct you in the stewardship of that wealth, that it might better your own futures as well as mine.

You will find enclosed with this missive a series of generalized instructions on the sale and distribution of my stock portfolio. Such things are of little importance as compared to events unfolding elsewhere. The mad German will soon be toppled, though his influences will live on for a regrettably long time… You may perhaps find it prudent to disassociate yourselves with that party entirely.

Politically, you will find yourselves carrying quite sufficient resources to ensure your own prosperity, however, those offices which cannot be purchased directly must be closely watched. In Britannia, you have several years yet with the current monarch, and his succession should be easily guessed. In the United states, it may behoove you to wait before exerting any modicum of control; I suggest 19██ as an appropriate time to establish a member of our little cabal in the presidential office, which segues me neatly into my next point.

In the wake of war, the commander-in-chief of the United States will likely find himself beset by furtive offers from such organizations as may oppose our interests; you well know to whom I refer. Perhaps your influence shall suffice to deter him from aiding their endeavors, or perhaps not. Tread lightly. When the time is ripe and one of our own has risen to power within the colonies, cast your eye toward that rabble of lab coats and secrecy who have so recently moved against your holdings in France, for they will actively seek to prevent his works.
█████ the Foundation, gentlemen. ████ ████ ██████ ███ ████████ ███████, and then become our greatest ███████. Of this I shall tell you more when the time is right.

In conclusion, gentlemen, I bid you good luck. Even from the deeper dream in which I walk, I cast my thoughts and my will toward the furthering of our mutual goal.

As always,

B██████ P███-F████ Dark

"Damn you, Dark. You always were an aesthetic wacko."

"He's never been wrong yet."

"He's dead."

"Perhaps, my dear Carter. Perhaps. But that changes nothing. Will we follow his advice in Germany?"

"Looks like we'll have to."

"Very well."

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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