White Knight
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The following log was recovered from the personal computer of Dr. ██████ on January 23, 19██, as part of a formal inquiry. Access is restricted to Level 2 personnel and higher. Thanks to the work of Agent ██████, only the most significant portions have been retained. A full transcript is available upon request.

It is worth noting that, according to the informed opinions of Dr. █████ and Agent ██████, Dr. ██████’s exposure to SCP-███-█ could not have been the only thing at work here, as the scope of its effect—while extremely hazardous and detrimental—is not this extensive. Dr. ██████ was an extremely disturbed man, with more than mere exposure to an SCP at work within his mind.

All prior evaluations and reports seemed to indicate that Dr. ██████ was a likable, if unremarkable, researcher. Due to circumstances which will become readily evident, his termination on March 23, 201█ has been recorded as a casualty rather than a sentencing.

October 14, 198█:

I finally gained approval for testing on SCP-███-█. Finally. For seventeen months I’ve requested, explained, and begged Director ██████, and he finally relented last weekend at the Senior Staff party for Dr. Christina ██████. I can’t believe she’s thirty-five! Barely looks a day over twenty. Maybe I should ask her to dinner sometime? After all, we’re closer in age than I initially believed! Hahaha!

February 16, 198█:

Work started today. I think that I’m going to manage to get this round of testing done before July, and then I plan to take my annual leave to visit Site-██. Once I complete this project, I think I should be able to get my transfer request approved. It’s not that I don’t like the site or the people I work with, but the Australian Outback is just so… dull. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Christina (who also accepted my request for a fourth date!) is a herpetologist, and we spent over an hour last night together talking about how many poisonous snakes there were living out there. You wanna know how many? A lot. A whole, whole lot. But she’s really more fun than I’m making her out to be. Smart, funny. Sexy as hell too. Haha! I hope she never reads this. She’d kill me.

May 24, 198█:

SCP-███-█ is just as unreactive as it’s always been. God only knows why the Insurgency wanted it. Doesn’t make any sense. Our containment specialist, kid named ██████, he thinks that it’s just to make us waste resources, but I don’t buy that. There’s something going on there that I’m just not seeing yet. Next round of tests are still being run by Director ██████ for approval, so I get a few days off. Christina and I are going over to Sydney for the weekend. She told me she had a present for me… I think she’s just trying to make up for canceling on me on Thursday.

May 28, 198█:

Holy shit. She made up for it.

September 1, 198█:

The sun is shining, the birds are singing! Things are going so well right now that I just want to shout if from the top of a table in the mess hall. Hahaha! And no, it’s not just because I’m getting laid, though that is pretty tops. Most recent round of testing was approved, I’m up for a promotion, and Dr. █████ is retiring, which means I’m next in line for his office! It’s actually a little smaller than mine, but it’s right next to Christina’s, so I’m not going to complain. God damn. I am so lucky.

November 8, 198█:

Ugh. Testing shows a null again. They’re lowering me from seven to just three Class-D’s, and I’m once again loosing Jr. Researchers. I know that it’s not the most exciting work. Research on Safe objects rarely is, unless you’re lucky enough to work under Gears. But this is part of the job! You’ve got to get in there, get your chops on something mostly harmless, and learn the procedures! Without that sort of knowledge, you’re never going to succeed in this line of work. You’re going to end up dead or stranded in an alternate dimension, or doing something reckless that gets a lot of people killed. Ahh, well. They were good kids. I think they’ll do fine.

December 22, 198█:

I finally got the news kids broken in, just in time for the next round of testing. I asked Christina if she’d be interested in transferring off site with me, and while she was initially hesitant, the second I mentioned that I’d be aim for Site-██, she jumped at it. Apparently, she’s originally from the Ozarks (She never told me! Not a trace of an accent, either), and since SCP-███ is there, she thinks she’ll have a good chance of getting approved as well! Of course, there’s another way to make sure we both get transferred together, but I’m a little hesitant to ask. It’s only been a year and a half, but there is just such a strong connection there… Ahh! I don’t even want to think about it! Haha!

January 1, 198█:

She said yes!

March 23, 198█:

Director ██████ actually made me cry a little. I never thought he liked me that much, but the ceremony he performed was probably the most moving thing I’ve ever heard him say. It’s like he’s been practicing it for years! We’ve decided to stay at Site-██ for a little while. I don’t want to drag her away from her work, and she has no interest in dragging me away from mine, either. But, we’ve decided on it. No more than another three years here. It’s a dead-end posting, and I think we both know we’re better than that, now.

May 4, 199█:

Well, I’m sorry to be ending my research on SCP-███-█ without actually getting any new data. We’ve got reams and reams of failed test after failed test. I’m beginning think this thing is a safe that’s never going to be cracked. But I’m not sure. Maybe I’m just not that good at these sorts of things. Ahh, well.

On the bright side… Request for transfer approved! It was actually Christina’s that went trough, not mine, but who cares! Site-██ awaits, and it’s got a huge facility in a quiet, rural little area. The best part? Only two hours from ██████ ████, and while that may not sound like heaven, let me assure you that spending eight years in a desert wasteland will make any major site of population far, far more interesting.

July 7, 199█:

We’ve settled in remarkable well! I’ve made a bunch of new friends from some of the people living here. Haha. I’m a kept man right now. Christina jumped right in with SCP-███, but I’m still waiting for assignment! On the good side, I’ve got lots of time to follow my own pursuits. I keep checking my old research on ███-█, and I’ve found a bunch of errors that my kids made. Nothing to serious, but enough to require resubmission. Director ██████ actually offered me reposting when he saw my revisions. Said that he’d, and I quote: “Never have let me go if I’d shown this diligence before.” Hahaha! I told him that I just had to shake the sand, and dust out of my brains to get them working again. We had a good laugh. It was nice to talk to him again.

September 22, 199█:

Finally, some work. I’ve been assigned to SCP-███, another Safe. I think they just handed it to me because I wanted something to do. I’ve been reading the previous research on it, and I’ve found a lot of problems with some of procedures. Though, considering it was the renowned Dr. ████ who was heading it up, I’m not surprised. I’ll be taking over in the morning, if all goes well. Descent sized staff too! Christina says that she’s jealous, but I doubt it. She’s wonderful, though. So supportive.

November 11, 199█:

Christina just won a site award for her research with SCP-███! She actually managed to fully sequence its DNA, and it looks like we’re going to be successful in finding a cure for the “brittling” side effect. Near as she can tell, its poison is effectively turning the bones into chalk. Exciting stuff! I, on the other hand, have ruined seventeen lab coats. But, I’m having fun. A lot more fun than I’ve had in a long, long time.

December 26, 199█:

She was successful. My God, I am married to a brilliant woman. In less than five years, she’s managed to do what senior researchers have been trying to do for twenty. Even better, it looks like it’s going to be a valid cure for osteoporosis. She should be getting the Nobel Prize for Medicine, but instead, she’s just getting a pat on the back and a transfer to a new project. But, that’s the nature of the work, I guess. She’s moving over to SCP-███. I can’t say I’m not a little worried… This one is a Euclid, after all. But she’s smart. Vibrant. Amazing, really. So much more than I deserve.

The following section takes place over the three weeks that preceded Dr. ██████’s final breakdown. While psychological reports, available from Dr. █████, seemed to represent a man with significant self-doubt and an inferiority complex, they did not, in any way, hint at what was to come. Post-mortem reexaminations of these materials, and further reevaluations done in the wake of Agent ██████’s discoveries, seem to point to SCP-███-█ as the primary culprit.

March 11, 199█:

I think something is wrong, but I’m not sure… Christina was pretty sick last week. She says it’s nothing, but I’ve been after her to go an see the site physician. I’m almost certain that it has something to do with SCP-███. She didn’t have this problem before the transfer, and I’m worried. I don’t know what I’m so concerned about, but… Well… It’s a husband’s prerogative.

March 14, 199█:

I know something is wrong. She’s quiet. Reserved. It has to be that damned thing that she’s working with! We barely understand how it works, much less how it reproduces. And she won’t listen to me! I’m sure, I ‘m so sure that it’s ███, but she’s not… Damn it. If I could only convince her. I’m sure. I’m almost certain.

March 16, 199█:

I’m positive that she must be keeping something from me. I don’t think there’s any other explanation for the way she’s acting. She’s never done this. Not in the twelve years we’ve been married. Not that I can remember as least. Am I overreacting?

March 17, 199█:

Christina and Agatha quit talking when I came into the room today. She must know that I know she’s hiding something. She must.

March 19, 199█:

Christina came by the lab today during testing, but she wouldn’t say what she wanted. She just “wanted to see me.” I’m not sure what that even means. We got into an argument about it when I got home. This is absurd. She must realize the ███ is doing something to her.

March 21, 199█:

Dr. ████ is being dispatched to Site-██ for a week. His lab is perfect. It should be empty, quiet, and it has all the medical equipment I need. Everyone forgets that I have training in something other than metaphysics. I’m going to figure out what is wrong.

March 22, 199█:

I couldn’t decide how to get her into the lab, so I had to drug her. She kept rambling about the size of a quarters. And she kept fucking smiling at me. Some sort of stupid little grin. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. But I have to find out. She’s too wonderful for me not to.

March 23, 199█:

I was right. I was right about everything. I’ve had to keep her sedated. She woke up and started screaming, but that’s pretty much par for the course in Dr. ████’s lab, so no one thought anything of it. It has to be SCP-███. It’s done something to her body. Something is growing inside her. Feeding on her. She can’t die. I love her too much. I have to help her.

March 25, 199█:

Agatha came by the quarters this morning looking for Christina. I told her that we’d had a fight, and she’d left. Agatha looked shocked. Never thought I’d see that look on her face. I’d take her to the lab too, but she shows no signs of infection. I’ll make sure she gets examined after I present my results to the site director. They’ll have to listen to me then.

March 28, 199█:

I don’t have any more time. Dr. ████ is coming back in the morning. I’ve been pouring over medical texts for the last week, but I’m just not certain I can do this… It’s been so long since I’ve done anything like this… I flunked my medical entrance exam, but… I have to do this. I have to fix her. She’ll be fine. I know she will… Dear God. Please let her be fine.

Dr. ██████’s operation to remove the “parasite” was successful, and his wife survived the operation, remarkably. When Dr. ████ returned the following day, he discovered Dr. ██████ carefully dissecting an aborted fetus in his lab and reported it to site security. Dr. ██████ was taken into custody and confined to the care of Dr. █████, the site psychiatrist, for careful observation.

Christina ██████ committed suicide on July 14, 199█ after administration of Class A Amnesiacs was unsuccessful. Dr. ██████ was not informed and, until his termination in 201█, believed that he had saved his wife’s life.

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