What's New

Hopefully, everyone will be pleased with the new site. Consider this SCP Wiki 2.0. There are a few new things but for the most part, it's the same SCP we all know and love. Enjoy the new home, and carry on. - The Administator

Go to A Word From 'The Administrator' to see why the move was inevitable.


The biggest change you're going to realize right away is that this is not your typical wikipedia clone. It's not going to seem as friendly or as simple. The editing and discussion buttons that were at the top of the page are now at the bottom. This is because the previous wiki ran off software known as Mediawiki. A lot of effort was spent looking for a wikifarm that used Mediawiki, but those that did, the admins and hosters had abbandoned them long ago. Some were nothing more than parkinglots. Wikidot is one of the more impressive, well hosted wikifarms currently on the internet.

Wikidot (the wiki farm that hosts this new site) uses a custom program, though not as user friendly, provides much more customization and tools toward making each wiki as unique as possible.


Once you start editing, you'll realize that the syntax (formating language) is slightly different than it was on the previoius site. First of all, hot linking between pages on the site now requires an extra set of brackets, three instead of the usual two (example: when editing, enter [[[SCP-002]]] , to hot link directly to SCP-002.
Go to How To Write An Scp to see how to insert pictures now. Bulleting is also a little different two, but more straight forward than it used to be. Now you will need to put a space between the asterick and the first word for bulleting to take effect. There are also, more buttons during editing to use.


We now have a community forum that we take advantage of. No more long, overdrawn talk pages.

Private messaging

We can now message eachother privately instead of leaving notes on each other's talk pages. Just click the name of the person you want to message.

Page Rating

You can now rate pages to show your like/dislike of it's content. This will not be anonymous and available only to site members. This is to prevent vandalism and down-voting. Check the "How to" page to see how to add the module to your article.


If you didn't notice, the admin of the previous site abandoned it long ago. Now, there will be multiple admins to keep the site alive, and moderators to govern the day to day affairs of the anonymous.


Instead of Categories, wikidot has "Tags". These are both useful and a pain in the butt. All you have to do is tag a page by clicking the word "tags" next to "edit." I forsee a problem sorting the individual safe, euclid, and keter pages. Admin will investigate a way of using traditional categories if this becomes a problem.

Help out

There's still a lot to be done around here. Most individual SCP pages and work needs to be ported over. The list is not up to date, please take a few momments to port over a few of the many pages.

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