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W̵͔̟̃̆̆̽ͅͅę̸̮̣̗̌̇̆͌l̵̛͔̱͙͖̈́͝c̶̘̖͈̓o̷̙̙͗̓͝m̷̠̤͎̔ͅe̷̩̜̫̽̃̕,̵̻͚͍̺͂̊͠ ̶̢̓͊̇t̶͓͌͝r̶̗̀̈́̌ͅa̵̺̗̳̔v̵̯̰̱͒̓̀ȩ̶͈̠̏̈́l̶̺͈̏̆̐̑e̸͎͊͑̽̕r̷̝͛͑͝


As I was saying, welcome, traveler. Haven't seen a lot of souls ever since they locked me down here. Why not stay a while, and listen to an old thing ramble? You don't look like you're in a hurry either, not with that leg of yours. Be careful around the edge, so you don't fall in here. It's a long way down.

Oh, why am I down here, you ask. I'm here because many choose to fear that which they don't understand, and many choose to destroy, or in my case lock away, what they fear. I have been here for a long time, so long that most souls in this facility have forgotten that I'm even here. I have had a lot of free time. Want to know what I do with that free time?

I write. With will as my quill and the fabric of reality as my canvas, I write, and my words shape reality.

What? Sorry, I was just talking to another friend of mine. Do you want to see what other lives my words have molded?

SCP-4823 - The Whole World Has Gone Bananas!

"The main anomaly of SCP-4823 is a localized trans-dimensional two-way gateway in place of fruit flesh. The gateway becomes exposed when the banana is peeled, which can only be done halfway. Upon exposure, the gateway will draw the peeler in, exposing them to a noodle effect caused by a strong non-homogenous gravitational field, in order for them to fit through."

SCP-5535 - When Even Your Hand Hates You

"SCP-5535 was arrested for the murder of its wife and the attempted murder of its child in 13/07/2016. The subject claimed that it had lost control over its left hand, which had then choked its wife to death against its will."

SCP-5063 - Driving The Turtles To Market

"You're here because you found out that the can is magic. I figured that in a world with things like the can and people like the person who made it, there must be someone responsible for keeping it out of the public eye. Am I correct?"

SCP-5137 - Friendship Is Only Skin Deep

"When in close proximity to a living human, SCP-5137 will split down the middle and attempt to envelop the individual. If unobstructed, SCP-5137 will morph in size and coloration until it is indistinguishable from the subject's actual skin. SCP-5137 refer to this behavior as 'hugging'."

SCP-5224 - Hecking Frogs

"After manifestation, produced frogs will instantly head towards the nearest site of plant agriculture. Upon arrival, they will begin to consume insect life at a rate that is highly damaging to the ecological balance of the region."

SCP-5834 - Tender Sausage Of The Ocean

"SCP-5834 is a black sea cucumber (Holothuria forskali). People who view SCP-5834 will begin to regard it as their ideal romantic partner."

SCP-6537 - Butterflies In My Stomach

"At least I have the moths."

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