What I'm Here For
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Written by Sabituski                                                                                                                            
Hello, sir. I know what you're here for, but if you’ve got the time, I’d like to tell you a story. Now, don’t get that look on your sweet, soft face. This story is rather good, if I do say so myself. I can’t make promises for the telling – after all, this old man is getting on in his years. But if you’ll take a seat for a while, and actually listen to me, well…who knows? You may learn something. Now, please, sit down.

Now, I’ll assume an educated individual like you is familiar with the Many-worlds interpretation, yes? A funny old theory that says that every action on the planet creates a breaking point – a point where possibilities slip from view, only to find themselves in the fertile ground of another world. These possibilities go on to lead fulfilling lives in this different world, whereas they might’ve stifled and choked in their originating worlds. The universe as you know it is very similar, if you’ll let me indulge in metaphor for a second, to a dandelion. Every hour, every minute, every second, possibilities are all collectively being blown from the originating point, floating throughout the ether, and taking seed. It’s the difference between a live fire and a misfire. The difference between a dead cat and a live one. The difference between magic and your science.

Now unfortunately, these other worlds are drawn behind a curtain that your kind does not see, nor fully comprehend is present. Thankfully, I was lifting curtains of that nature since before you were a twinkle in Adam’s eye. Shall I tell you what’s behind Door Number One, doctor? Hah. Don’t bother answering. I can tell by the look on your face that you want to know.

Have faith and patience, doctor. And more importantly: listen.

Consider a world where the difference was in human thought. Here, now, we are present in a world where men disparaged and hated the age of myth from the get-go. Let’s call our world the World of Reason. In Reason, mankind has turned against his creators and betters, calling them folktales, nightmares, and yes, gods. You have used Reason’s light to banish the dark from our minds, and you succeeded – at least for a while.


Mankind is truly incapable of destroying these things. How would you wound a god, or destroy a nightmare? You can explain them away, put them in a meter by meter cell – but they will always find a way out. Myth always finds a way back into the world. All you’ve done in the World of Reason is altered the lock and keyhole, slightly. You’ll find Myth has a great many keys, and a myriad of methods for getting his grimy fingers under the door…there were forces at play in the universe, doctor, that you cannot even comprehend. Gods, small and tall. Things older and greater than even I.

You’ll find that you have a great number of their aspects on file.

Now, then. Let’s turn to this other world I mentioned.

In this world…let's call it the World of Myth. In this world, mankind has learned its place. It is a world of faith, of subtle belief in things that are greater than man. They believe, and it does not dominate their lives. Humorously, in their belief, they have obtained the world your Foundation so desperately seeks. The primal forces do not seek to enforce and patrol such a world, and as such, that world is devoid of the supernatural. No Keters, no Type Greens, no Genius Loci, no Class Apex Hazards, and no Individuals. It is a world of pure irony, and my fondness for it increases every day.

Now then, doctor -

Cadwallader, what the hell? Your time with 343 ended almost 30 minutes ago! What are you still doing here? Get the hell out now, or you’ll be on Langley’s shortlist so fast your fuckin’ head will spin!

…Ah. Such language.

Must you go? I see.

Do not look at me so sadly. We’ll meet and chat again, eventually. Whether it is at Eden, Site 19, or Meggido does not matter – I’m always ready for your questions, your pleas, and your prayers.

It’s what I’m here for, after all.

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