Changes All That Is Around Me
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Senior Researcher N. Schwartz drummed his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently. This was the third time this week he had been stopped at this light on his way to work. It was Monday. There wasn't even anybody else at this light!

The light finally turned green. Schwartz zoomed up the hill, swerved into his parking spot, and dashed into the massive complex.

Taking the elevator up to the ninth floor, Schwartz's mind was once again on the light that made him even just a couple minutes late. Stepping into his office, Schwartz sat down at his computer and began to review the updated SCP files under his authority. As he worked, the light was quickly forgotten.

Several hours later, Schwartz leaned back in his chair, having completed his work only moments prior. Yawning softly he got up from his seat and made his way to the Site-11 breakroom for a drink. There was a group of researchers already in there playing pool, probably on break. One of them, Senior Researcher Chanara, noticed Schwartz enter and waved him over.

"So, Nebs, how's work been going for you?"

"It's been going fine, Chanara, and for the last time, stop calling me Nebs."

"Whatever you say," Chanara grinned and struck the cue ball, missing what he was aiming for and setting his opponent up for an easy shot. He turned back to Schwartz, "Anything super exciting happen?"

Schwartz sighed, "Just a few new pieces of information, couple Safes upped to Euclid, and a Keter down to Safe."

"I'm jealous, it's rare to see one of those." Chanara said, leaning over the table to take another shot, "Mind if I ask which one?"

"You know as well as I do that that's classified, even if you do have the required clearance."

"Ha, of course it is. Well, that's to be expected, we can't have access to all the information we want." Chan winked at Schwartz, "Everyone's got to have their secrets after all."

Schwartz swore softly, "I swear Chana if you bring up 7264 one more time…" SCP-7264 was Site-11's running joke on Schwartz. With his Level-4 clearance, Schwartz has access to over three thousand SCP files, plus an additional three or four that required Level 5. Despite this, he still didn't have access to 7264. Ordinarily, this wouldn't have been a problem, but Schwartz knew he had the clearance for the file, hell, he knew some Level 2's that had access to it.

"One day I'll find out what that thing is." Schwartz muttered, "one day."

"Until then, classified," Chanara winked again, and turned back to his game.

Schwartz continued to watch the game for a bit (Chanara seemed to be losing) and then headed back to his office. He sat back down and set his drink on the desk. Staring at the dull glow of the computer screens in front of him, Schwartz remembered the stoplight on his way to work that morning. Making a decision, he pulled the keyboard out and ran a quick database search.

Neutralized objects: 134 Results.

Schwartz leaned back in his chair and began browsing the list, looking for something that wouldn't draw too much attention when he altered it.

…SCP-2610, SCP-2996, SCP-3293, SCP-3511…

3511, which one was that again? Schwartz clicked on the file and read through it. A girl that repelled living animal matter, anomaly self-neutralized. This would work fine. Schwartz cleared the file, took a breath, and began typing.

Item #: SCP-3511

Object Class: Euclid

Euclid would work, if he labeled it Keter there was a chance someone with his clearance or higher would see it, and that would lead to questions Schwartz didn't particularly want to answer. He set aside the ConProcs for now, and set to work on the description.

Description: SCP-3511 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting the south facing streetlight on the intersection of Lawrence Ave. and East Oak Blv. located just outside Site-11. If the stoplight turns red between 9 and 9:02 am the stoplight will catch fire and begin emitting large amounts of smoke. The smoke emitted by SCP-3511 seems to have significantly more mass that non-anomalous smoke, and will quickly fall to the ground and begin to take the form of any number of cars and individuals (dubbed SCP-3511-1). Despite being formed from smoke completed SCP-3511-1 instances are identical to non-anomalous instances in both material and appearance.

Once an SCP-3511-1 instance has been completed, it will become animate and begin to take the actions a non-anomalous vehicle or individual would typically take at an intersection. SCP-3511-1 instances will remain formed until they get approximately 100 meters away from SCP-3511, at which point they will disintegrate and the smoke will travel back to SCP-3511 and form another instance.

Once roughly 100 SCP-3511-1 instances have been formed, a unique instance (dubbed SCP-3511-A) will form at the top of the hill. SCP-3511-A will travel increasingly faster down the hill until it reaches the intersection, at which point SCP-3511-A will invariably collide with an SCP-3511-C instance, resulting in an enormous explosion. Following this collision, all SCP-3511-1 instances will cease to behave as though following traffic laws and will begin to chaotically accelerate in all directions, leading to large numbers of collisions. The smoke produced by these collisions will continue to create additional instances until SCP-3511's area of effect has been completely filled with SCP-3511-1 instances, or SCP-3511 has been forcibly changed to green.

Following either of these occurrences, all SCP-3511-1 instances will disappear and SCP-3511 will cease all anomalous activity. Any damage caused by SCP-3511-1 instances will remain.

Schwartz read back through what he had written. It looked fine to him, but he could fine tune it later. He took a drink and got started on his ConProcs. They were much easier. After all, this was the whole point of him doing this.

Special Containment Procedures: Senior Researcher N. Schwartz's car will be outfitted with a piece of technology for the purpose of manipulating SCP-3511 to avoid turning red from 9 to 9:05 AM. In the event that Schwartz is unable to be on-site during this time a remote drone will be automatically dispatched with the same technology on board.

Schwartz gave everything one more look over and then saved the file to the database. With a little bit of luck, the modifications to his car would be made before he left today. With a couple of hours to spare, Schwartz began browsing the database again.

Schwartz had been doing this for a couple years now, classifying minor inconveniences and annoyances as SCP objects. It had started as a joke at first, but the Foundation kept dealing with them exactly as he had written. So he had just kept doing it. He was up to thirty or forty now, and as he scrolled through the massive database he began to reminisce about some of them.

SCP-3949, that one had been fun. A memetic infection caused by chewing with your mouth open. If you did it for long enough your jaw would dislocate and wrap around your head, effectively consuming yourself until nothing but the teeth were left. Contained via personal interventions with those who were thought "infected".

Schwartz was proud of that one. It had taken him a couple days to get right, but after he did no one had questioned it. He had noticed over his years at the foundation, new objects and files were always reported to the O5's for review, but minor updates and changes most often weren't even reported to the researcher in charge of the anomaly, especially if they were declared neutralized. All he had to do was use his clearance level to label it as a minor update, and the containment teams and automated Foundation system would automatically carry out whatever had been instructed.

Schwartz kept browsing for a while, looking through files he had access to, and eventually drifting off entirely and started randomly browsing the internet. After a couple hours, he looked at the clock on his wall. 9:40, he decided to head home. He packed up his stuff and began walking out when he heard a noise from his computer. Curious, Schwartz walked back over and looked at the screen.

You have 1 new email.

Schwartz figured he could take a look at it tomorrow and started to leave again when something caught his eye.

Sender: Unknown
Subject: SCP-7264

Now this had his attention.

Schwartz sat down at his computer and clicked on the email preview.

SCP-7264 refers to N. Schwartz, a Level-4 Researcher currently employed by the Foundation.

Schwartz swore and pushed his chair back. He didn't know what he had been expecting. It wasn't the first time this had happened. It was a roughly trimonthly occurrence, but each time had couldn't bring himself to leave it. There was always the potential it was real, and that was not something he would pass up.

He sighed and moved to get back out of his chair when he noticed something; the email wasn't empty. There was more. Opening the message up again he started reading.

Item #: SCP-7264

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All changes in SCP-7264's behavior are to be reported to Senior Researcher Chanara. Provisional Site-11 has been constructed for the purpose of both SCP-7264 containment and observation. SCP-7264 has been given Level-4 Clearance as a method of expanding its reach over Foundation information and technology. SCP-7264 is not allowed to have access to this file.

As of 06/17/2015, all changes made within the database by SCP-7264 are to be considered factual, and all procedures that have been modified are to be followed exactly as written.

It seems that whoever had sent this email had, at least, found out about his secret database escapades. Schwartz chuckle-winced slightly and continued reading.

Description: SCP-7264 refers to N. Schwartz, a Level-4 researcher currently employed by the Foundation. SCP-7264's anomalous properties will not activate so long as one of the following is true;

  • SCP-7264 is doing something that SCP-7264 believes benefits himself.
  • SCP-7264 is doing something that SCP-7264 believes benefits the Foundation.
  • SCP-7264 is doing something that SCP-7264 believes benefits Humanity as a whole.

If all of the above cease to be true at any time, or if SCP-7264 dies of unnatural causes, reality will undergo an immediate CK-Class Universe Restructuring Scenario. This scenario will alter reality in a way so that whatever action SCP-7264 took to cause this event does not take place, either by removing the cause of the event or altering history in such a way that events leading up to SCP-7264's actions never took place. SCP-7264 has no memories of either the events that cause the CK, or of anything else that was changed by the event.

At some point in history, SCP-7264 became fundamentally interconnected with the SCP Foundation. It is currently unknown if the Foundation was created by an SCP-7264 event, or if SCP-7264 became involved with the Foundation. Regardless of which method was used, SCP-7264 originally appeared in Foundation databases as Level-3 staff in 2002. Following research into SCP-7264's effects, SCP-7264 was provided Level-4 clearance so as to greatly increase the ways in which he could assist the Foundation. This has resulted in a 90% drop in restructuring events, with the events that do remain often have a much smaller impact.

Attempts to inform of SCP-7264 of his anomalous nature have invariably resulted in a massive restructuring event, often leading to severe casualties and/or a complete reorganizing of world organizations and politics. No further attempts to inform SCP-7264 of his nature are to be made.

This was… a lot of information for Schwartz to take in. He rubbed his forehead and paused before continuing.

Addendum 7264-A: Major confirmed SCP-7264 restructuring events

  • 03/01/1981 - First recorded SCP-7264 event. Restructuring caused a reorganization of freeways throughout North America.
  • 11/22/1985 - All information regarding the island of Chileara erased from world databases. Foundation deep storage was able to confirm the existence of this island, but no further information could be found. The island has yet to be located.
  • 07/13/1987 - Over two thousand deaths caused by a series of train wrecks in New Mexico.
  • 08/29/1994 - Several dozen new species of birds discovered in zoos throughout England.
  • 09/09/1995 - 400,000 square kilometers are taken from Britain and given to a various other European countries. All information and memories of the past are altered to respect this change.
  • 10/30/1999 - [REDACTED], resulting in over 5,000,000 civilian deaths. All information and memories of infected persons are purged from world databases.
  • 4/02/2003 - The US drops from 83 states to 50, all prior records are purged.
  • 5/18/2008 - The concept of moral humanity enters human consensus. History is altered to respect this change.
  • 1/11/2011 - All records of the US revolutionary war are altered from 1992 to 1776.
  • 02/26/2014 - SCP-7264 becomes connected with the Foundation.
  • 11/31/2017 - Earth loses one of its moons and gains roughly 30% mass. All information and memories are modified to respect this change.
  • 01/01/2019 - [DATA EXPUNGED].

Schwartz continued staring at the screen for a long time. This all made a lot of sense, but he still didn't really believe it. He knew why he had never been allowed to see it, but something just didn't seem right. Who had sent this to him if it was real?

As he continued to think about it Schwartz noticed there was more to the file. He scrolled down.

Addendum 7264-2: Major Incident 1-A - Level 5 Credentials required

Schwartz clicked on the file.

— Please enter credentials —

Username: O5-Provisional/NSchwartz
Password: ***********************

You are attempting to use provisional clearance to view this file, do you confirm?


You understand that this will be reported to O5 Command and necessary actions will be taken up to and including termination. You understand that you will be amnesticized. Do you confirm?

Schwartz gulped, "I confirm." He had to know what it was he had done.

Does The Black Moon Howl?

"Only on the brightest days."

Confirmed - Welcome, O5-Provisional

Schwartz took a deep breath and began reading. Pages upon pages of information filled the screen. Schwartz opened another page and started taking notes. He looked up incidents and reports that hadn't been connected with the original file. As time went on, more and more pages filled the screens.

Following the cessation of… millions of dollars in property damage. No survivors were found within…

Over two million square kilometers of inhabited land… several volcanic eruptions caused an additional…

…several other architectural errors caused… have since ceased to be inhabitable…

The pale glow of the computer screens stung Schwartz's eyes as he continued to read.

Following the conclusion of the war… in addition, over half of the remaining US land was given… despite the assassination of…

Fatal reactor error sets off a chain reaction across the country… massive radiation leak kills millions with…

…caused by unpredictable tectonic plate movement… many more believed to be following suit…

The ticking of the clock on the wall was unheard, the time well past midnight.

Unearthed by Sky's Construction Projects, the object… massive solar flare activity knocks out satellites around the globe… in the following months less than 20%…

The obliteration of the celestial object caused… majority of the world left without power… death toll unknown…

…all contact lost once the shuttle exited… believed to be due to the thermonuclear… unknown…


…death count exceeding…

…information regarding…

…SCP-7264 is not…

Hours later, Schwartz was left staring at the screens spilled throughout the room. As he stared at the pages and pages of information filling the room, only one thought went through his mind,

"They let me do this…"

Error: Systems have detected an ongoing Restructuring Event…

Error: …

Error: …

Error: …

Error: …

Error: …

Error: …

Notice: Restructuring Event has ended. Please wait while information is updated…










Notice: Information has been updated, SCP-7264 no longer exists. All information terminating.

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