Westrin's Personnel File

Name: Westrin

Security Clearance: Fluctuating

Duties: Standing here within the sea of static

Site of Operations: Site-551

Rating Module:

rating: +119+x

Profile: Dr. Westrin is a concept. Reports state that Dr. Westrin is a living being that has helped with several SCPs and SCP reports. Others report that Dr. Westrin never existed, and his name just appeared within the database abruptly. Whatever is the case, the O5 Council has determined that Dr. Westrin serves a purpose, and his continued existence is required for the continued existence of the Foundation and its doctors.

He thinks he's good at writing SCP reports, this is yet to be determined.

Note from O5-8: Doctor Westrin, personnel pages are supposed to be serious. We aren't a circus, we are a secret organization. This doesn't make sense, we see you every day. You're not some anomalous concept or something. Grow up and fix the page, now.

Note from Dr. Westrin: I see nothing wrong here. Besides, what are you going to do, fire me?

Note from O5-8: Yes. You're fired.

Note from Civilian Westrin: Oh.


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