We're Sorry
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Director Samuels, you have often asked me what the ultimate goal of the SCP Foundation is. As I step down, I feel you have the right to know.

Our ultimate goal is, and has always been, the neutralization of humanity.

Note that I do not say the destruction of humanity. It has never been our desire to hurt you.

I am not human. I am not a member of Homo sapiens. I am not even Terran. I am a member of a species very different from you, from a different star. It isn't important where I came from. What is important is my mission.

We have been studying your species for as long as you've known language. As we have watched you grow, we have seen the anomalies arise. They have changed your world, and not for the better. And they are growing more frequent.

We have performed experiments, using sample members of your species very far from here. We have removed variables, and added new ones. The results are conclusive. This is your doing.

You, as a species, are somehow changing the function of reality. The more of you there are, the stronger this effect becomes. There are nearly five billion of you at the time of this writing, and your population is growing faster by the minute.

We tried peaceful methods at first. We tried to see if we could counter the effects. Then we tried to remove the ability from your species. Eventually, as we found there was no way to stop you, we tried to lower your population, and then to destroy you outright.

Our final attempt has failed. We tried to detonate your sun. A worm larger than the moon Europa appeared and destroyed our device. Somehow, the anomalies are protecting you, the way a parasite might protect its host.

It's changing you, and we can no longer stop it. We've given up treatment and euthanasia, and we are reduced to quarantine. We have sabotaged your space program. We are watching for attempts to leave your solar system by anomalous means. We can only hope that either you are destroyed by the anomalies, or else that you find a way to control them.

And finally… I am sorry. I am sorry we tried to kill you. We are scared of you, and we do not want to die. We chose out of fear. I wish I could say I was glad it didn't work, but the truth is, I am still scared.

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