Wendigo In The City
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I can't believe it. I got mugged. Me, the Wendigo, stalker of the night, terror of the frost, was mugged by some hooligans in an alleyway. How had I come to this? I used to be something feared, but ever since those stupid contracts we were forced to make with the human world, things have been… dull. No longer am I feared as the cannibalistic beast of the night, the creature that would sneak around villages, consuming the flesh of man. Now I have to eat fake human or 'synthetic homosapien' as they call it. It's the only thing I can eat being a Wendigo and all, and it tastes like dirt.

I work a job nine to six, five days a week, having to contend with sitting in small chairs and a tiny work space, pressing a keyboard with my bony cold fingers. You know how hard it is to adjust to things like this, having to use a phone, put on a suit over my boney frame, doing jobs like getting everyone's coffee; well not anymore since I turn it into ice. No one wants to talk either, or be around me. Something about me smelling like a year old corpse and having a freezing cold aura around me. They won't let me near the water cooler since I just turn it into a brick. Life is hard.

I remember the good old days of hunting out at night for any stupid campers, now I'm reduced to something meaningless. No longer are there stories about me being out on TV or film, nowadays the few people stop me in the street to ask for a picture. This life is pathetic. I see posters of upcoming movies staring Bigfoot and Nessy. I see Sirens, Mermaids and Mermen alike in perfume commercials. Everyone seems to be doing better than me. No one cares about an old stupid Wendigo.

I stand here now, having had my wallet and its contents taken from me. My briefcase full of useless documents in one hand and my jacket in the other. With no money I couldn't get a taxi and so began the long walk to my tiny studio apartment. Walking wasn't the problem, I had done it many times, the problem was the environment. I got many weird looks from people, even if monsters were a norm. Some would mutter something racist, others would hold their children away from me, many just ignored me.

About two hours later I was indoors, opening the fridge to look up on my stock of microwavable dirt to eat later. The place was covered in marks, not only from these claws of mine, but these massive antlers on my head. Whenever I stood upright they would breach the ceiling and I'd get in a scuff with the landlord. It's not like I could control it, it was these stupid humans who put me here in the first place.

You think a guy like me, from the forest would be given some kind of help adjusting, but no. They paid attention to all those famous monsters, only giving me about two thousand dollars and a pat on the back for not killing anyone anymore. Sometimes I think about visiting the forest where I came from. My kingdom of trees, no buildings in sight. Next chance I get I'm taking the bus out of the city.

It was the next morning. I did not need sleep, for I was classed as dead technically, so I spent all night planning. I didn't bother heading to work, nor did I bother turning off the lights or locking the apartment door. I just left with only the clothes on my back, mainly to avoid getting fined for nudity.

I left the building taking the bus down by the city's outskirts. For once I looked out the window with excitement. It was going to a place I hadn't been to for a while. It took me down by the city square, where I could see monsters and humans protesting alike.

The bus drive was long, but worth it if it meant I would never have to be trapped in this place again. That got me thinking though. I'm pretty sure it's illegal for me to suddenly return back to my ways as a wendigo. Then I remembered the place I was returning to used to be full of hunters who would pay good money to see my head up on a wall. I remember being shot at, or having my leg caught in a bear trap. I hope things have changed.

I got off by a stop on a long road right by the forest. It was night so the only lights were the street lambs high above me. I could've sworn I was able to see in the dark. Perhaps my acute senses had been severely dulled by the city, but I could always gain them back over time.

Then came a feeling of hunger. I hadn't eaten anything all day, and I didn't bring any food with me, not that I really cared for that fake crap. Looking down at myself I realised something. Had I forgotten how to hunt. Had I forgotten how to stalk prey for hours on end or be silent in darkness of the night. All I did was wander down by the forests edge, along the road, hungry and disappointed.

There was a service station by the road. I never remembered seeing anything like it when I was here, nor was the road here when I used to hunt. They must have been new.

I entered the shop to see a monster at the counter. I was slightly shocked by that. It was hard for monsters to get work that involved meeting people face to face.

"Good to see I'm not the only one around here" He said, surprised aswell.

"I'm just browsing" I replied.

The monster had the name tag Darrel. I think he was some kind of dark spirit, since he was just kinda floating, made of black smoke in a vaguely human shape.

Checking what money I had left I bought a pack of some kind of raw meat. I didn't care that much asking as I could eat it immediately as it got out.

"So what brings you round here?" He asked as I handed him the money.

"Well I was actually returning back… I mean I think I'm going to head into the city" I replied.

"I hear you man, many of us have lost our roots. I guess if you can't beat em, join em" He said.

I said "I guess so" as I left the shop into the night. I walked back up to that bus stop waiting for a trip back to the city.

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