Welcome to the Future
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Please sit down, Dr. Hurst.

I am Dr. Roy. Please don’t stare. I apologise for the search, but we could not be entirely sure you were genuine. We’ve had quite a few people over the last few months who sought to cause…problems with us. But enough of that. Our friend in the Foundation gave me quite a bit of information about you, Dr. Hurst.

Of course we have people in the Foundation. Your friend, David, I believe. Just last week he sent us information on six possible recruits. David gave you quite the glowing review. 'Just what we need', 'A brilliant mind' and 'Able to do what must be done'. Now, that last one gives me hope. Let's have a look at this file, shall we?

Oh, you were involved with the Alaska incident? That was magnificent, you should be proud. The research data alone was extremely useful, as I can see. A few casualties, but these cannot be avoided in our line of work, can they? And you used another item to stop it? You've been wasting your time at the Foundation, doctor, you obviously belong with us!

Perhaps it’s time I tell you what it is we do here. In essence, we’re very similar to the organization you just left. We’re not as big, I admit, but I feel that our very nature means we achieve more. Much more, as you will see during your career with us. We have three hundred and twenty six items currently in our possession. Actually, with your welcome gift we now have three hundred and twenty seven.

Take for example the ‘human serum’. Inject it into any animal and it will morph and twist into the approximate shape of a human. The samples they had, they locked away. But we had better ideas. We injected it into a human. Oh, the results. This is what you will do. Do what it is not right to do, because nobody else is able to do it. It’s for the good of the world, doctor!

We have many more test subjects than the Foundation. The officials in the countries we place our facilities pay us to take their poor, their destitute, their useless. The people we use have nothing. They are nothing. But we can take them, use them, and then they are something, aren't they? They're the future.

I hope that in the future, wars will not be fought with guns. They will be fought with impossible things; wars will be ended in an instant. They could be ended before they began. I’m not evil. But the things we do have to be done.

We’ll give you thirty test subjects for your first two months and access to two Vertigo items. You would call those Safe items, we don’t. Bright new ideas, doctor, for a bright new future! Haha. Impress me, doctor. I’m sure you will exceed all of our expectations.

You are to use the items on the subjects, as I'm sure you know how to. Keep trying and trying until you find that moment where it all clicks and you're not holding something that should not be in your hands. When you find you're holding a weapon, you've done it. It's another small step, doctor. Another small step.

Oh, the name? We are a small force against the tide of impossibility, and this small force seeks to create logic out of illogic. What better name than the Chaos Insurgency?

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