Welcome to History
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Hello, and welcome to Historical Site-19. I'm your tour guide Alexandra, and you may call me Alex.

Before we begin, I would like to ask you to turn off your personal reality devices, or set them to Baseline Mode. Thaumiel Mode for those possessing reality-altering abilities and/or magical talents. This site has great historical value, but has a delicate nature because of uncontrolled anomalous activities in the past. Disturbances may cause irrecoverable damage, and those who breach this rule may be penalized.

All done? Good. Now we can begin the tour. Please follow my voice.

As you may know, Historical Site-19 is an important part of the Foundation history, and of the world history in general, to an extent. It functioned as one of the largest facilities back in the Age of Containment. Many great discoveries and innovations were made here, as well as great losses and regrets. We will be visiting some of these in our tour today.

We are now in the main hall of the site. The famous logo here on the wall is the original, as it was specifically extracted from the past and preserved with a Static Temporal Sink. You may now receive a map of the facility along with other related information by linking to HS19_Connection through compatible devices, organs, or metaphysical components. This tour will only be covering the Scranton Wing, the Atzak Wing, the Mechanical Labs, and finally, the Resting Area.

To better preserve the artifacts, we have relocated a number of important items from that period here. Religious items are not available, as they are mainly kept by respective churches and deities. Note that rearrangements of the items have been made for convenience purposes. Therefore, while the layout of the site was preserved, few items are in their original places or conditions. You may look up past and alternative iterations of Site-19 in the Timeline Observatory in the Xyank Wing once the tour is over.

Now, please step on the teleportation module, and we will proceed to the Scranton Wing. Please be cautious of the edges and remain within the platform. If you accidentally receive any injuries, up to becoming physically deceased, please proceed to the Medical Bay. The staff there will restructure your body. As Hume levels within the facility are strictly controlled, attempting to cure yourself is not advisable.

I see that there are no accidents. Let's proceed.

Before you is a prototype Reality Anchor, before such technology was sufficiently miniaturized. They were often accompanied by Temporal Sinks in usage, and played crucial roles in the Age of Containment. However, these earlier types weren't exact; some can only preserve information, while others cause further incidents. Despite these, they formed the technology bases of Reality Manipulators later invented.

In the next room, we can see the original Lang-Scranton Stabilizer, the invention of which lead to the discovery of Void Dimensions, or Red Realities. For those who are interested, you may come back here and take a personal journey into such a dimension. Both instructions and warnings are accessible through HS19_Connection. However, do note that your personal devices will not be functional during the experience.

Now, we will be moving across the Atzak Wing on the Transportation Pad. All on board?

Good. As is often stressed, the Age of Containment includes not only the containment of anomalies, but also the containment of information. Such containment of information was often done by the use of amnestics. I have generated an Amnestic Use Guide for each of you, which you may keep as souvenirs. They are handbooks used by Foundation employees back in the 21st century.

Please take a moment to look down below the Transportation Pad. We can now see a carcass of an eel-like creature. It is almost 1,000 kilometers in its full length, and cannot be shown in its entirety. The rest, including the head, are put into an extra-dimensional storage. Our Foundation predecessors once harvested substance from this creature, which was then refined into amnestics. The creature itself expired in the 32nd century. However, its head still possesses strong cognitive hazardous properties. Be advised if you would like a closer look afterwards.

We have now arrived at the Mechanical Labs. Again, the Mekhanite relics are not available here. However, what we will be seeing are the original workshops of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division, or AIAD for short. This is my favorite part of Site-19, the reason you may be able to guess.

The first few generations of Artificial Intelligence were designed and developed by the Foundation and the Maxwellism branch of the Mekhane Church independently. Over the centuries, the technology integrated. Past corporations like the Prometheus Labs and Anderson Robotics have also contributed through either magical practice or the mapping of organic brains. It is through all these efforts that the AIs we see today are formed, and later accepted as members of society.

You may be able to reach me again here when the tour ends. I will answer your questions then, if there are any.

Now let's take a shortcut to the Resting Area. Shortcuts like this exist throughout the site, and you can travel quickly back into the main hall or to this area.

This place was once the staff lounge for the Foundation personnel, and you are able to access recreational items they once used. This vending machine accepts only a form of old currency, which is provided in the jar next to it. The flat box on the table will provide a traditional food item popular in the 21st century. It also customizes the food according to the specific taste of the being who opens it. You may rest and enjoy yourself here.

The tour is now coming to an end, but I would like to give brief introductions to a few wings we have not covered. You will be allowed to have your reality devices back on in the Keter Wing, which features items and creatures considered extremely dangerous by the Foundation in the past. You will be free to interact with their constructed copies, and all harm done will be restored once you exit the building. The Memetics Wing showcases some of their more traditional uses, as well as the original file of Mr. Sorts' Understanding Memetics; while the Antimemetics Wing presents a hollow shape of a non-existent god. I personally recommend the Anart Wing where past classics are on display. These were created by the forerunners of artistic revolution before anart creation became common.

You're now dismissed from the tour, and are free to explore other parts of the site.

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