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Welcome to RCT-Δt


Official department insignia.

Research and Containment Team Δt is a transtemporal Foundation agency which was founded in 1998 to combat and correct a rising number of retrocausal, temporal, and counter historical anomalies which were appearing with alarming and increasing regularity.

In order to access historically accurate information on the recovery and containment history of various SCP objects, security clearance group “Δ” was created by Overwatch in response, and retroactively added to all Foundation clearance systems. In addition, past and future members of RCT-Δt were granted static access credentials in hopes that their continued ability to request that information across many Foundation epochs and managerial periods would further encourage trans-temporal Foundation cooperation.

Unfortunately, this blanket permission and informational access has had the unpleasant side-effect of putting RCT-Δt, and by extension, the Temporal Anomalies Department, substantially outside of the normal Foundation command structure. And depending on the status of various other temporal threats, agents have still found themselves unrecognized as legitimate Foundation operatives, leading even those with clearance to know about the agency and its various departments to question the origin, purpose, and need for such an organization to exist. The discovery of several coherent and self-consistent causal sequences, or “strings” present within the baseline Foundation universe has further complicated this relationship.

It is unclear at this time whether the records contained under RCT-Δt’s temporal isolation protocols are genuine records of lost histories, or complete fabrications of an anomalous organization which has successfully infiltrated Foundation operations. Unfortunately, time will not, and cannot tell. It is, however, indisputable that RCT-Δt has made containment of several known temporal anomalies possible. The technology developed by this agency has proven indispensable to the preservation of normalcy, including, but not limited to, the development of the Constant Temporal Sink, and the subsequent discovery, containment, and maintenance of SCP-2000.

Despite the controversy surrounding the agency’s existence, and the potential inclement information breaches it appears capable of causing, there are as yet no plans to terminate the RCT-Δt project.

Additional Δt information is available below.

  • Temporal Intelligence Community (TIC): A group of Foundation assets in collaboration with other temporally active GOI’s for the purpose of identifying causal threats prior to their propagation.
  • Tactical Operations Command (TOC): MTF division of Δt, applies military tactics to contain, neutralize, or prevent such threats. Unit makes use of period appropriate weaponry and armor wherever possible.
  • Historical Continuity Division: Field Agent operation using espionage tactics to ensure that key historical events remain consistent across Known Iterations (KI’s) of history. Often frustrated by activations of SCP-2000 and by the proliferation of causal strings which has accelerated since the mid 1970’s.
  • Applied Sciences Division: Experimentation/Research division of RCT-Δt. Develops and refines temporal transit methods and containment strategies. Currently retains all known information on tachyon chromodynamics. Developed current and future causal isolation protocols, methods, and materials. Charged with holding all causally isolated documentation and materials.
  • Temporal Anomalies Department: The forward-facing “umbrella” organization of RCT-Δt. The Department operates solely within the baseline causal string to contain temporal anomalies present therein. In truth, this is the smallest fraction of RCT-Δt, but serves as gatekeeper to the rest of the team's temporal operations in regards to recruitment of other Foundation professionals and procuring security clearances. In cases where Overwatch approval is required or advised, this is the organization to submit the request for it.
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