Researcher Wei Zhong's Personnel File
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Seriously, he is just too damn ugly. -O5 Command.

Name: Wei Zhong

Security Clearance Level -1


Occupation: Nobody actually knows what Researcher Wei Zhong does around here. Who the fuck is this guy?

Researcher Wei Zhong is an important critical valued highly valued member of the Foundation, with work in containing the following SCP's:

SCP-1842: Dr. Wondertainment's Magical Microwave Set!

SCP-1644: The Obelisk

SCP-2006: Too Spooky

SCP-1758: O Mio Babbino Caro

SCP-2012: Perdidit in Tempore

SCP-2050: Sciurine Crusaders

SCP-2800: Cactusman

SCP-2440: The Sealed King

SCP-2101: The Imperial Army

SCP-2201: Cross-Dimensional Barbershop

SCP-2950: Just a Chair

SCP-2301: Slayer's Song

SCP-2599: Not Good Enough

SCP-2750: Navajo Skinwalkers

SCP-2499: Harmony of the Spheres

SCP-2625: Chipperee Mine

SCP-2775: Bootleg Hoomans

SCP-2925: Sphere of Influence

SCP-2588: The Collective Consciousness of Arthur H. Jones

SCP-2896: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (of Freedom) - History Contest Entry

SCP-3200: Chronos - SCP-3000 Contest Entry

Project Palisade, 001 Proposal - Doomsday Contest Entry, collab with DrewbearDrewbear, DexanoteDexanote, and thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose.

SCP-4007: Kagemusha - SCP-4000 Contest Entry

SCP-5725: We're Getting the Man Back Together Again

SCP-4761: Lost in Yesterday

SCP-5050-EX: Presto! - Exquisite Corpse Contest Entry, procedures by CityToastCityToast.

SCP-314-J: Numerical Proofs (That You Suck)

SCP-5975: The Cycle Keeps Spinning - Canon Renaissance Contest Entry

SCP-5882: A 0 Bedroom Apartment = Collab with RiemannRiemann

SCP-6030: Into the Wild - SCP-6000 Contest Entry

SCP-7030: What Comes to Pass - SCP-7000 Contest Entry

Researcher Wei Zhong has also contributed to writing the following creepy fanfiction reports:

A Broken Tool: A tale about SCP-326

The Meaning of Fear: An alternate take on SCP-2006

Right?: A tale about D-Class personnel.

Leisure Time: A tale about researchers and relaxation.

The Tinkerer: A tale of origins and tinkering.

Mainline Series

  1. Chapter 1: Spirit Dust
  2. Chapter 2: Of Meetings and Meals
  3. Chapter 3: Trip Hammer
  4. Chapter 4: All Work and No Play
  5. Chapter 5: Conferencing

Eulogies: The hardest part about funerals.

The Space Soldier: A tale about the universe's finest soldier.

After The End: A tale about what happens when everything goes wrong. - D-Class Contest Entry

Another Day On the Job: A tale about doing what's necessary.

Mission Accomplished: A tale about questionable motives and the US government.

Competitive Teleology: A tale about the Wanderer's Library and literary corruption - Canon Renaissance Contest Entry, collab with RiemannRiemann

Unveiling: A tale about diplomats and the dirty business of diplomacy.

Not even Researcher Wei Zhong knows what these things count as:

Unusual Incidents Unit Hub - GOI Contest Entry

UIU File 1933-001: Public Enemy No. 1 - GOI Contest Entry

UIU File 2017-003: Skipper Bait - Doomsday Contest Entry

TKO, Doomsday Contest Entry, collab with thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose and DrewbearDrewbear.

Researcher Wei Zhong found the following reports to be utter garbage in need of serious updates to correct outdated material:

SCP-675: Shadows Through the Window

SCP-972: Immunity

Researcher Wei Zhong allegedly totally absopositively helped review or clean up the following reports.

SCP-754: Illustrated Climbing Vine.

SCP-696: Abyssal Typewriter

Log of Anomalous Items: Log of Anomalous Items

SCP-660: The Earthen Womb

SCP-261: Pan-Dimensional Vending

SCP-190: The Toybox

Researcher Wei Zhong should've goddamn written provided the inspiration for the following reports/SCP's:

A Double Life


Being Cactusman

Cactus Insurgent

The Playful Beast


Worse Than Fear

Tension and Release

First Quarto

Integrity Project

Names that I have been called in Chat:

"Weizhong" "Weiz" "Wei" "Weezing" "Motherfucker" "Weighing" "whyzhong"


SCP-2006 by DrHal


SCP-2006 by GottaGoFeast


SCP-2006 by /u/bittermixin


SCP-2006 by /u/JangoWett

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