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Welcome to my author page,
have a look around
anything I've posted here is waiting to be found.
I'll build a mountain of content,
some better, some worse.
If none of it's of interest to you, enjoy this little verse.

About Me

Oh, yeah, forgot you lot were coming.

Hi! I'm weiserthanyouweiserthanyou.DISCLAIMER: May or may not be wiser than you., and welcome to my crib author page. Come on in! Let me show you 'round. It's a little desolate here at the moment, but that'll change soon enough. I've been reading SCPs since 2016, but it took until 2021 to publish the first article of my own. I've written a few more and don't plan to stop, though.

My Works

Mainlist Entries

- SCP-6374 - Even A Dead God Can Dream

The Dreamer had not stirred in aeons.

- SCP-5458 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

I'll see you in Hell soon enough.

- SCP-6581 - The Sunken Grave

A black-haired man in golden robes with a crown and a purple flame over his head, standing above a kneeling crowd.

- SCP-6364 - ⬢Hexagons are the Bestagons!⬢ .Rewritten from Dr AsteriaDr Asteria.

I aspire to the purity of the blessed graphene.

- SCP-7771 - As Luck Would Have It .Collab with Dr AsteriaDr Asteria.

If we can’t control the number of times we roll the dice, then we have to get the odds on our side. The house always wins.

Joke Entries

- SCP-7423-J - Born to Fry

My compliments to the chef.

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