Wednesday - 5
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wednesday wedn-

Suddenly released from the clinging hands of the half-sleep, Wight sat bolt upright, an open palm colliding with the back of her head.

"Good, agent." Doctor K settled in the spot at the far end of the table with his laptop and styrofoam cup. "Soon you will be able to dodge in your sleep."

"I was dreaming." In waking clarity she became aware of Rob attempting to squirm into the hood of her jacket, disturbed by her sudden movement. She tugged the boa over her shoulder and allowed him to curl up in her lap as the remaining echoes of the Voice fell away. When in full force, it reminded her of the buzz of cicadas. Doctor K's voice was almost startling to listen to after such a grating sound. He was more like an old record of Christmas carols as interpreted by someone with an exceptionally velvety larynx.

"Why d'you work during lunch breaks?"

"In all labor there is profit. You would do well to remember that - the alternative, of course, is slightly worse than chastisement for napping in the cafeteria."

"Sorry." She really was, but her own voice always sounded so false and hollow.

He tapped at the laptop for a while, allowing nearly effortless development of an uncomfortable silence. She stared down at her feet.

"What were you dreaming about that gave you such a scare?"

It had been the dream they decided to call 'falling.'

"Uh, falling." Wight paused, and unstuck her gaze from her high-tops. She glanced around the cafeteria - there was no one else but the two of them there. "…What do you think it means?"

"Dream interpretation is mostly nonsense," he said, failing to sound like he gave half a damn. "Before you ask why, you would think so as well, after several sessions taken up entirely by a patient explaining his dream wherein he couldn't decide which can of birds would be right for the mandolin stew."

Doctor K regarded her over his glasses for a moment. His eyes were a very light grey, which she thought was an eye color that almost guaranteed you would grow up to be a chilly sort of person.

"I've found that dreams are almost never the right route to take for serious self-examination. Additionally, I would not want the suggestion making its way to Overwatch that you are easily agitated."

Wight sighed. "Understood."

"Then get back to work."


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