We Love You For All That You Do

Hi, admins.

This is all of us on staff. We know that you guys do more for the wiki than anyone can even guess - and that it must be stressful as all hell. We also know that being on staff is a thankless job, and that it must bite even more as an admin.

Well, we want to show you that it isn't entirely thankless. Below, you're going to find a bunch of messages we've compiled from users and lurkers in our fandom/community who wanted to thank you and tell you how much they appreciate everything that you do. We've included messages of our own as well.

From all of us on staff, thank you for being hardworking, resilient, and the best bosses we could ever ask for. We love you guys and we're glad to call you our Administrators, and even more glad to call you our friends.

- your staff friends

I fucking love you all and the work you do behind the scenes to keep the wiki running. 💙

- DrAnnoyingDog

Thank you for writing so many amazing articles on the wiki. The SCP Foundation couldn't exist without you amazing people.


Thank you so much for all your hard work! I couldn't have done what I've done without you, and I'm so grateful that you've chosen to help keep the wiki a shining beacon of light for the rest of the internet.

- UraniumEmpire

i feel so damn bad about all the shit y'all have to deal with the more i grow older and older. i use to also be pretty damn annoying when i first joined in the site. i am so glad y'all work this hard to keep this website in stable condition. thank you all so damn much.

- pastarasta1

Hey. As somebody who’s been slinking around site since Series II, I’d like to thank you all for keeping the lights on remaining vigilant. You’re the reason why I’m still here, even if I’m lurking.

- A lurker who's been here forever

The Wiki is an amazing community, and you guys make it all possible. You volunteer your time, talents, and experience to run this awesome place and don't get anything in return, which is a damn shame considering how much is owed to y'all. Just know lot of people appreciate you guys, even if we don't get the chance to show it. <3

- rounderhouse

- Elogee FishTruck

Many, many, MANY thanks to the admins of the SCP Wiki, for maintaining the site, as well as the multitude of other things that they do. They are sincerely appreciated by essentially everyone in the community!

- JackalRelated

I haven't been around too long to say much, but I do thank and appreciate you all for when my article got stolen. I really appreciate it. Also, Joreth is too lazy for his own good.

- MacWarren

thank you for keeping the wiki welcoming and safe

- Anonymous

You guys do good work, i honestly really appreciate all you do for the wiki.

- geckoguy

Thank you so much for all the work you put in and the tireless commitment to a thankless job.

- AbsentmindedNihilist

Been part of a lot of communities that have imploded on themselves over the years. Thanks for keeping the Foundation going strong.

- Anonymous

You guys are fluffing awesome, thanks for doing everything ya do.

- XilasCrowe

Reading is for chumps. Who even reads anymore? I love you all anyways. <3<3

- Jazstar

Thank you so much for all you do! The incredible administration you all have set up is what separates our little pocket of a community from the droves of mediocre fanfiction and creepypasta. I appreciate all of the great community outreach stuff as well, like the mirroring of things to platforms like Reddit and such for the purposes of making sure discussion isn't limited to the perspective of people on #site19 and all. Basically, you all do a great job and I would like to extend the BIGGEST of THANKS.

- Stallmantic

Thanks for keeping the site safe guys, and the IRC, I don't think there's many chat spaces I could get away with being called CuteGirl, but you guys nip trouble in the bud quickly and you're always really fair about stuff!! You're just all super sound and you do so much more than just making sure the place is safe, but I'm terrible at words so I'm leaving it at this. Thanks guys <3

- CuteGirl / Flagsam

Hello! Thanks much for keeping this site alive o3o It cannot be easy keeping this crazy place running and dealing with all the bull. Thanks for all you do! :D

- Woedenaz

Thanks for all the tireless (and often thankless) work of keeping the doors open and the discussions peaceful. That effort really shows when comparing this community to almost any other one online!

- Pedantique

Yall have turned what was a fairly toxic community 6 years ago into something genuinely welcoming and accepting, an incredible feat considering the rest of the internet. Bravo.

- Mortos / Icepick

To whomever it may concern, may I please just start off my saying how much I appreciate all of the hard work and effort that goes into keep the SCP wiki up and running. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work goes into keeping this place stable, and by all volunteers nonetheless. This wiki is one of my all times favorites. Thanks for putting up with my annoyingness and mistakes. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this community.

- Doctor North

Admins, you guys work so damned hard and are so underappreciated. I'd write a poem to express my gratitude, but I can't words right sometimes. So, I'll leave you with this: You guys are fucking awesome and deserve a cookie!

- Reverend Fox

The competence, presence, and honesty of the SCP admins is admirable and makes me feel welcomed and safe in this community.

- Anonymous

Thank you for serving our community!

- Dr0Shadow

Thank you for giving us the chance to tell stories.

- Anonymous

Thanks for all of the hard work that you all have done! It's always been crystal clear as a more casual reader just how much love and care you all have invested in the wiki, but now that I've become more active within the IRC and external communities it's striking just how much behind the scenes work goes on that I'd otherwise not be aware of. <3

- TheAppleFreak

Thank you for doing your best in making this site feel like a safe place to engage in.

- Anonymous

Thank you for keeping the wiki with great pages that are some of the only reading I do

- Noah

You guys are fucking aces. You work so hard, put up with so much malarkey, and i am just so thankful for the SCP Community in general, so I’m very thankful to ya’ll.

Much love,

- TheeSherm

Thank y'all for running the site. It's a shitty boring job, but the site would literally not run without it. Thank you for taking the time for this unpaid job and being generally cool as hell.

- Gaffsey

Keep on rocking and keeping the insanity here somewhat in check!

- Anonymous

Your work has helped inspire thousands of people to find their creative voices ina community that wouldnt exist without your tireless efforts. From short stories to essays, monsters for rpgs to fan games, the realm you foster is as quintessential to the history of the internet as homestuck, as wonderous as Marvel or DC's comic book universes, and as bizarrely memetic as the life of Christian Weston Chandler. Please, do not think that your work goes unnoticed or unloved. From youtubers like Fredrik Knudsen, Tats Top Games, The Volgun and Lord Bung to casual fans such as myself, it takes serious grit to do what you do, and i want you to know we are all eternally grateful for what you do. Please continue to do your best. We will continue to devour it with rapacious glee.

- BronxKuma

Folks like Soulless and Zyn work really hard to make this place the damn great community it is. To the both of you and the many other admins, thank you so very much. I look forward to another 10 years of this community.

- Uncle Nicolini

Selflessness and passion are the lifeblood of the site. In my eyes, you're the embodiment of these qualities. Thank you for not only being reliable, but friendly too.

- Dr Aers

To our beloved admin team,
Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication over these many years. You have helped mold the SCP Foundation wiki into the rising pop culture phenomenon that it is this day, and under your guidance made the SCPF the friendly and accepting community that sets a high bar for similar communities across the net. On top of that, getting to know each of you better during my own time in staff, I can confidently say that you are all top notch people who don't nearly get the credit they are due for the long hours you put in. Hopefully this and the other messages you receive as part of this collection remedy that a little and remind you of the high esteem we all hold you in.
Thank you.

- Jacob Conwell

This place would fall apart without your hard word, which is often left behind the scenes. Keep on being awesome.

- LordSpy

Administrators of the wiki, you do so much for us. You do absolutely everything you can to make this community as interactive as possible and it truly makes it feel like a place that I, as many others, can call home. Without you guys, the wiki wouldn't have most of the pizzazz it has now. It's gone so far and with all of the contests you guys hold and the forums you monitor and the technical stuffs you do, it continue to get better every day. Thank you all. <3

- DrCaroll

You do a (largely) thankless and often frustrating job of maintaining a very open and welcoming community. So, thank for your time and dedication, because I've been there. Thank you for keeping the website clean, and welcoming, and safe.

- Anonymous

Thank you all so much for keeping this wiki up and running! It's a special part of my life, and I'm sure that goes for most of the other site users too, both authors and readers. We all owe you so much for dedicating your free time without any material compensation. Happy February!

- DrChandra

Dexanote gave me a note when no one else would :’)
Dr Mann your mpreg story was a big inspiration and I love you.
Soulless you put up with way too much of my shit. Thank you and I will give you my soul

- Wydness

Congratulations on the amazing community that you guys have built together!

- TheMightyMcB

Thank you for helping with the best collaborative fiction site on the internet

- thewalkindude368

Nothing here would be possible without all the hard work you've done over the years. Since I've known all of you, I've been constantly amazed by your hard work, dedication, and willingness to put up with the constant stream of bullshit that is keeping this site afloat. I'm sure it feelings overwhelming sometimes or like it's a constant stream of ungratefulness and criticism, but the work you have done here is provided a positive place for so many people and helped make an amazing community. Thank you for everything you've done.

- rumetzen

Honestly this wiki takes a shit ton of effort just to keep afloat yet y’all make it really shine, thanks a million, you deserve lots of praise.

- not_a_seagull

This is so much more than a wiki or a writing project - this place is a home, and not just to me. It’s a home to anyone in need of a diverse and accepting community.

The amount of work you guys as admins put into this site is unreal and there are not enough words to explain how grateful I am that you do - this wiki is a home to me and a place that I feel safe. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for being the backbone of it all. I am proud beyond belief to say that I work with and for you all.

- taylor_itkin

Thanks for all the countless hours you guys put in! I've seen the throughput of coldposts, trolls, well-intentioned idiots, or really just the regular traffic and it's insane. Keep up the great work!

- Anonymous

running a large wiki community - and not running it *into the ground* - is an extraordinarily difficult task. you're doing good.

- Voct

The SCP wiki is by far the coolest thing on the internet. It's honestly made me a better man. And the admins make it possible. Staff, keep kicking ass

- Agent Macleod

You guys are absolutely the shit, honestly this wiki would be a shadow of itself without you. We all appreciate the hell out of the time and effort you guys put into not letting the wiki fall into the deepest, darkest pit of hell possible!

- SmoothCriminal

I can't say enough how much I admire the work you guys do to keep this community going. It's such a positive thing for so many people, and you should be proud of yourselves for all the time and effort you give to maintain it.

- B23

All of the admins do fantastic work and the Wiki would fall apart without you. You're all irreplaceable and have my utmost respect.

- Leveritas

Thanks a lot <3

- Anonymous

Thanks for wading into wretched hive of scum and villainy that are scp coldposts are weeding out all the bad ones. I appreciate the time and effort yall put in to keep the wikidot in order.

- Orionbasher

It's hard and weird to send this sort of, detached message of gratitude. Still, y'all deserve it. You've sacrificed your time, energy, and wikidot inbox to keep this site running. Thank you <3

- mlister

I want to say thank you for administering and working on this amazing community that is the SCP wiki. It left such a positive impact on my life that I only feel love for it, and knowing that you do all the hard work, completely for free, is something I can’t even understand.

- AthosNetwork

May not know much or interact at all with you guys, but! I know it takes a neighborhood to raise a kid. SCP Wikidot being the child here. Thank you for being a kind neighbor.

- KindlyTurtleClem

Thank you, admins, for keeping the SCP Foundation safe from the bad side of the internet and keeping it amazing. It's been an amazing few months, and I won't be leaving anytime soon.

- sparse

passibo da hyvyä iltua! sending love from Karelia, you are awesome and your work is the BEST!

- Tuarie Pelle

You all do a lot of work behind the scenes dealing with unique issues that arise from having a creative writing community on the internet in 2019. License issues, user drama, off site weirdness, onsite updates, etc. So much is done without fanfare and so much is done with little thanks or much complaining. I wanted to say thank you for maintaining the wiki and growing the community over the years. It's still a welcoming place and has only gotten better as time has gone on. I hope all staff, both new and old and retired, know they are appreciated for their time and efforts. Without you folks, the wiki would have fallen into ruin a long time ago and there would not be nearly as many spectacular projects coming to fruit based off the writings. Many endless thanks.

- toadking07

You guys do the work of fifty with a team of 10, and you're always incredibly open and transparent. Without you, the site as it is now wouldn't exist.

- DevOsmium

Without admins, the SCP wiki would become an ash-filled crater in a matter of days. Thank you for maintaining standards on one of the most well-regarded original fiction sites ever. Much respect

- qntm

You guys are great. This site has some of the most functional, competent admins that I've ever seen, and you make the community a pleasure to be a part of. Good on you!

- IAmTheOoga

Thank you all for making this amazing thing possible.

- fieldstone

I found the SCP wiki last year at a difficult point in my life, when I was struggling with depression and feeling very much alone. Writing for the wiki gave me something to be excited about and channel my feelings into, and I've met so many wonderful people through this little adventure. I've been doing better lately and haven't been as active as I could be, but the SCP wiki is still incredibly meaningful to me. Thank you so much for everything that you've done to help this community continue to exist and be as supportive as it is! Lots of love and good vibes to all of you!! <3 <3 <3

- keyii

You guys are great beyond measure. I can't say thank you for managing and keeping this community together in stronger words that I have right now, but thank you for taking time from your own days.

- multizig

Thank you for the work you do to prevent this community from collapsing in on itself.

- UncannyClown276

Thanks for all that you do, guys.

- Anonymous

You fellas supported me when all natural logic didn't and I'm grateful

- Anonymous

You guys are the lifeblood of this site! You allow users into the site, make sure users breaking the rules get a fair punishment, and are some of the most accepting and interesting people in this community. I would like to thank all of you for all your hard work and for everything you do. Keep up the hard work (but don't die. That would be bad).

- Shanor

I know it sounds weird but you've all made a huge difference in my life and without your constant work we'd probably all be worse off.

- Anonymous

THANK YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAA Scp is so good I love reading it and it keeps me from reminding myself that I have no friends! Seriously though, its a hard job and im forever greatful for your job.

- K

Oh damn, if I knew that this was on sooner, I would have done something bigger! But hey, that can't be helped. Anyway, I would like to give a message of thanks to the admins of the scp wiki, those who scoured the forums for drafts and concepts, those who took the time to answer any question, no matter what it was, those who took disciplinary action when we couldn't do anything. You guys are what made the wiki the warm, friendly, and sometimes weird. Thank you.

- TheManhattenProject

I'm bad at finding the right words when being sincere, so just: <3

- Scented_Shadow

y'all are the single bastion between this wonderful wiki of quality work and immense temerity, and i would like to give my sincere gratitude to you and the countless passionate man-hours put into this colossal machine

- magnadeus

Despite having joined the site less than a year ago, I still appreciate all the hard work you guys do. I can definitely see how much you care for the site, its authors, and the world you guys created/have expanded upon. Best wishes to you all this 2019 and beyond!

- Dramps

Thanks for helping keep the place around for so long. The site's been an old comfort zone for me for years, and i really appreciate your work keeping it running.

- Gabriel Jade

I only joined the community two years ago, but I was instantly enchanted by the wonderful and weird world of SCP. As I grew to understand the site, I learned that none of it would be possible without you, the admin. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

- CephalopodStevenson, the Lego man!

I appreciate the inordinate amount of time you've sunk into this site to make it an inclusive and friendly environment that has fostered my growth not only as a writer but as a human being. Thank you.

- Truffles

You deal with so much and expect so little in return; the least we can do is thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's only through hard work that this community has stayed so good for so long, and much of the credit for that belongs to you. Here's to yet another year of progress. <3

- TyGently

The SCP wiki has, without a doubt, the most dedicated and hardworking staff I've ever seen, at least for volunteers. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

- Zzuxon

it doesn't have to be a thankless job <3

- Anonymous

I can’t imagine doing all the stressful things you do to keep the site and community afloat. Great job.

- Anonymous

It's a never ending job to please the members and consumers of such a visible site, and you guys and gals all help do it with integrity and class! Thank you, your efforts are appreciated each and every day.

- Anonymous

I really appreciate the way you all are so helpful to new users and veterans alike and the interactions with you have all been delightful so far!

- LuciusIII

The wiki has been one of the few constants (source of entertainment and community) in my life and I'm really glad for it's existence, which wouldn't be possible without any of you.
I've had the chance to build many friendships on the site and meet some incredible people, all thanks to everyone's hard work! Keep doing what you're doing and remember you're helping build and mantain something which means a lot to a great deal of people!

- your friendly neighborhood clone

Thanks for all the hard work you put into the site!

- Anonymous

You’re good people at heart. Thanks for all the unpaid labor you’ve put in to try to shape this community into something better.

- Kinch

It's quite a feat that we've survived & thrived for 10+ years, and that's all thanks to you guys and your hard work. Here's to another decade! XD

- Athenodora

Y'all do so much for us and put up with so much bullshit for comparatively little return; I could never do the kind of work staff does on the day-to-day. Y'all keep this wiki running, and I have so much gratitude in my heart for that!! <3

- Avocadonut

Keeping this short and sweet, Thanks for making the site and growing it. The site would not be this big, extensive, and successful without you guys!

- Anonymous

Thanks for not letting this website become a hellhole like most other sites with crappy staff teams :P

- Anonymous

MEKHANE loves you! ⚙️💕

- sepia

I have a raw RSS feed of new articles in my reader. I see how much shit flows in. All of you do an amazing job keeping the site in great shape. You make the most amazing collaborative fiction project possible.

- LaikaF

Thank you all for the hard work and the good times!

- Anonymous

My English vocabulary will never be big enough to express all the appreciation I feel for your work. From a point in the center of Chile, I want to say thank you. Truly, many thanks to all of you for making the page that I love be the page that I love. Keep up the good work, you awesome people!

- Dc_Yerko

<3 Love youuuuu!

- Noicest Dungeon

Thanks for keeping this site up and running!
What a pleasure to see that the SCP wiki is more and more popular internationally.
Lots of kisses from France!

- DrMacro

Thank you all so much for the work you do to keep the site healthy and wonderful. I love you all so much <3

- niceguy44

Thank you for all your hard work that built this wonderful website into what it is today!

- Modern_Erasmus

Thank you all so much for helping foster this wonderful community. You are appreciated.

- GrimmCreeper

I've been reading the various stories on the wiki for years, so I'd like to send a thank you to the people who make sure that this amazing universe can expand. Cheers!

- Atticus

Thank y'all so much for keeping this up. If it weren't for SCP I wouldn't have met my wonderful group of friends or overcome my fear of making decisions.

- AnteaIntraTandem (Xander)

I really thank you for what you do. Thanks to your work so many people have thrived, and (although I've yet to contibute) through this wiki, I was able to meet some AMAZING people. It's a lot of work to run a website as popular as this, and it's really sad to me that you don't get the recognition and appreciation that you deserve. I hope you all do well, and I wish you all the best. Thank you for all you've done for us. ♡♡♡

- Cosmic Cataclysm

Thanks for being patient and supportive of me, my art, and my nonsensical crazy rambling. Also, thank you for making the site a better place! <3

- Anonymous

I genuinely love the SCP Wiki and the community you've helped build and maintain over the years. Both the amount and quality of work put in by admins day in and day out to keep things in line is phenomenal. MAJOR thanks to you guys! You've fostered a welcoming and engaging creative space and community and I'm so happy to be a part of it. Seriously, thank you. <3

- FloppyPhoenix

I'm an author from SCP-FR, and sometimes I think we wouldn't exist without the main branch and those who work to keep it safe, improve the drafts' quality, or simply make it better day after day. So, just thanks.

- Lekter

Thanks for all your help and your support to Int community !

- Gnath

Thank you all for your tireless work maintaining all of us, from the CB kids to the haughty writers. You're the people that make the site work, and we thank you for it.

- Crocket_Lawnchair

Only been on here for a short while but i cant say enough how much i appreciate the help you guys give. Keep up the awesome work :D

- Nerdibbles

After spending five years lurking, you guys made it easy and fun to join the community fully and I can never express enough appreciation for that.

- aconfusedfish

I've lost a lot of interest in the wiki recently but I may have lost interest in SCP's but I sure as heck didn't lose appreciation for the people who act in it and run it! I hope you have a nice day.

- Anonymous

Happy palentine's day, thanks for all the work you do maintaining the entire site and community, SCP for a thousand years!

- Tuomey

ya'll do a pretty dank job thanks, I really appreciate it!

- plaidypus

It's mind boggling that you can upkeep such a passionate project, at such a high quality. Thank you so much, for the awesome content we all can enjoy, for the inspiration you provide for our own creative projects, for the new tricks you indirectly teach us.

- Tovarisch_Pootis, a long time lurker and fan

Thank you, this wiki has been one of my biggest joys and has helped me with life problems and Mental health more than I could have hoped for

- Anonymous

Thank you for keeping this miserable ship afloat

- Procy

You make this place possible. Seriously, the combined effort of each and every one of you - alongside the slightly less exalted, but still deserving, mods, opstaff, and juniors - is the only thing holding this beautiful, chaotic, brilliant piece of crap together. Thank you.

- Golden506

hey, I appreciate what you all do, thank you

- NewyRose

i dont know what i can say that hasnt been said, but thanks. really, i've been lurking on the foundation since I was six, and im proud to be an active member of the community years later. stay gold you guys.

- ResearcherSheppard

For some of the most truly difficult and thankless work on the wiki, thanks for all that you do.

- bluesoul

Y'all are nerds, but you're OUR nerds. <3

- stormfallen

The wiki, and the community, would be nothing without the tireless efforts of staff, and the admins most of all. It’s a thankless job most of the time - you can’t please everyone, you’re blamed for things outside your control, and you get less time to write your own stuff. But as site members, we know how much we owe you. Every submission, every vote, is a token of our gratitude. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks!

- psul

Thank you for not giving up on people, even when they don't deserve it. The work you do doesn't go unnoticed.

- Magnus

Hi. I'm a long-time lurker of the SCP wiki, and I give the biggest of thanks for your hard work! You're the backbone of the community, and I hope you keep it up!

- Tinbe

Thanks for all your work. None of all of this amazing creative work could exist without all of you.

- Maxisonfire

The wiki is one of my new favorite things since I discovered it, and I thank all the admins for the work that they put into making sure everybody is welcome on the site-as long as they can write.

- Anonymous

In my time on the wiki, I've noticed that the community is one of the most helpful and accepting communities of anything I've been involved in. And to that, I thank the admins, not just for helping create such a wonderful community, but for all their work and effort into maintaining the site.

- Lurker and hopeful author Brewsterion 1017

Thank you for all the work you've done on this site. I have spent countless hours poring over the site and I know the sheer amount of work it must take to keep things running and looking good is massive. The work of an admin is often a thankless job, when things are going good people don't complain and when things go to shit everyone is down your throats. You are doing amazing work here, keep it up :)

- Anonymous

A bastion of high-quality content developed and distributed freely in a collaborative environment where anyone can contribute. It couldn't happen without you.

- Lazar_Lyusternik

I really appreciate all y'all do to keep this project alive. SCP has long been a passion of mine and I'm glad there's a solid team of mods and admins at the helm of it.

- Anonymous

Quik, I love you. <3

- Anonymous


- Agate

Staff has changed so much since 2012, but the lifeblood of the community remains you who are willing to do thankless work for free.

- vezaz

I'm not sure what to say beyond thanking y'all so much for making this community a wonderful place to be in. Without the Wiki I wouldn't be the person I am today, and I have to owe it to you for making it a community where that could happen. Seriously, just thanks so much. Y'all rock!

- 9Volt

You changed my life. Thank you.

- Jonathan Lake (a French fan)

Thanks for giving me stuff to read during tough times, and making sure that nothing goes awry for everybody involved. You guys deserve a sandwich.

- Dr. Uber (KiLlEr10312 on the wiki)

Thank you for all of the work you do. Like, seriously. This job is demanding, and thankless. So thank you for keeping this site running, and the community thriving.

- Captain Kirby

Thanks for dealing with the constant influx of applications. Seriously, it's kind of insane how many y'all get every day. Thank you for the bans, for the contests, for not deleting this wiki 6 some years ago. It's been a wild ride and I want to keep on riding.

- Varaxous / Ratlord

Yo, I'm admittedly not someone who's been involved in the community as much as I've wanted, bit I really, really appreciate the stuff you all do. Even if I haven't interacted much with any of you, you're all very lovely individuals. Just like, the fact that you've given an answer for any and every weird question I've had in #site17 - like, proves that you have the utmost tolerance for people like me lmao. You really have made both me and many others feel welcome.

- RegularSlambo

thank you

- Anonymous

Thanks again for all that thankless work that I'd never do myself.

- EdeFabry

You all do a bang up job of keeping the best collaborate fiction site on the internet (bar none) nice and safe and running smooth. Keep up the fine work.

- Sterbai

Thank you for running the absolutely best fiction writing site ever!

- 1 Temporal Dilation Boi

Thank you for your hard work on keeping the Wiki operational. All of you are incredible people.

- Anonymous

Thank you. This website, while only being associated with creative writing, has allowed me to do so much more. I have been building confidence and making friends through it. Thank you all for providing people a platform for their writing and allowing various communities to build up surrounding the wiki.

- Alces

Hey guys. I just want to say I appreciate the crazy amount of work you all do in keeping this site up and running. This place means a lot to me, and it wouldn't be possible without you guys, so thank you ^_^

- Weryllium

I know you get a lot of complaints but I would like to offer my thanks for doing what you do. I might not always agree with what you are doing but I know you are trying to look out for the SCP community. I know your hearts are in the right place. Thank you for the work you put in for us. It is appreciated.

- Liberonscien

Thank you for bringing together so many wonderful minds. It has been invaluable and an honor to chat with such creative authors, editors, and artists!

- This is my serious face

Thanks for your tireless persistence in keeping easily one of the biggest and most ambitious collaborative writing projects and communities not only functioning, but thriving.

- Taffeta

You guys do everything you can to make the wiki a special and welcoming place, from tireless crit, shining the guiding light to helpless newbies in 17, and keeping us in the clear so we can continue being in this community we love. You don't get enough thanks for everything you do.

- LadyKatie

You guys are instrumental to keeping the site running and functional and beyond that, I look up to each and every one of you. Thank you so much for everything you have done, do, and will continue to do.

- subtletea

We love you for all that you do, guys. Happy Valentine's Day.

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