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Record of 4/20/69 Informational Breach

On 4/20/1969 (this date is believed to be erroneous; all attempts at rectification have been unsuccessful), SCP-2562-A and SCP-2562-B were given unauthorized access to documentation about SCP-1379, SCP-993, and SCP-1799. Dr. Steele recovered the following modifications of the images included within documentation for those three SCPs after the incident.

While the modifications to these images appear to be beyond the usual scope of SCP-2562's abilities, neither SCP-2562-A (up to 30% extension of text) or SCP-2562-B (up to 13% reduction of text) has manifested similar abilities since. When questioned, SCP-2562-A stated that a picture was worth a thousand words. SCP-2562-B said "Bottom text."

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Exhibit 1: SCP-1379


Top text:

1: A clown is a bringer of joy, a liberator of happiness. Those who appreciate clowns are forever young. Those who disparage clowns disparage joy itself. What, then, is left? Love? Hope? Truth? Nothing. Nothing at all. For society kills our souls, conditions us to hate what should be loved, love what should be hated. There is nothing more worthy of love than the clown.

Bottom text:

Those tasked with interpreting the bottom text indicated that they felt a great sense of pity that the artistic merit of SCP-1379 could not be appreciated by most participants in society, but refused to elaborate further, citing a feeling that it was not wise.

Exhibit 2: SCP-993


Top text:

2: Hey kids. You know what Bobble is? Bobble is the truth about childhood. You know it. You feel it deep within you. That primal rage to rip, tear, win. Oh, society doesn't like Bobble. Society wants to wear you down, sand off your rough edges, make you soft, so that by the time you can act upon your true natures, they'll be weighed down by so, so much. Well, Bobble's got a shortcut for you, kids. Bobble's got secrets and soon you'll be free…

Bottom text:

Personnel tasked with interpreting this 'Bottom Text' later created this video of their impressions.

Exhibit 3: SCP-1799


Top text:

3: LOL! Pagliacci is hilarious! The clown is sad, but people find him hilarious! This really says a lot about our society!

Bottom text:

These words did not convey the effect of SCP-2562. Personnel tasked with interpretation reported that they literally meant 'bottom text'.



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