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"What did the probes say about this exit?" Dr. Baldric asked. He sat next to Sgt. Darren Wells, in front of Director Kauffman's desk, looking over several reports included in a briefing document.

"Tundra Biome," Kauffman replied, "Atmosphere suitable for terrestrial life. Presence of alien megafauna. Possibly megaflora. All in all should be a fun trip."

"You have us going pretty deep into the Passage. Any reports of Hand activity out there?" Wells asked as he looked over a copy of a map of the known Gate Passage.

"All outposts reported in this morning that things are pretty quiet on that front. We figured that they're either avoiding the sections of the passage we've been using, or our presence is less trouble than we originally thought. Either way you shouldn't encounter any Hand agents on this particular entry."

The Director then slid a list across his desk towards them.

"Here is your roster for the run. As always, your preferred personnel were selected where appropriate."

"Lot of green people on here…" Wells commented with a small frown.

"If you know of any cushier Gate entries coming up to break in the new talent, by all means inform me," Kauffman replied sharply.

"Hey, at least we got Turner and Candle," said Baldric as he grinned at Wells. "We'll be fine. What's the worst that can happen?"

Series Overview:

Mobile Task Force Eta-13, also known as "Gulliver's Tourists," was the SCP Foundation team created to journey into a massive series of tunnels extending through extra-dimensional space, colloquially known as "The Gate." Lead by Sgt. Darren Wells and Dr. Johna Baldric, the task force set out to explore the seemingly infinite number of worlds and pocket dimensions accessible from within the Gate Passage, and the hundreds of alien lifeforms and societies encountered there.

However, several agents of the Serpents Hand have noticed Eta-13's recent "invasion" and do not plan to sit idly by as Eta-13 prepares for its next expedition…


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