Warm Memories
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Did I ever tell you the story of the Hindenburg disaster? It was quite a big deal when it happened, it was all over the news for months. And I was there when it happened. I was just a young kid back then, barely ten years old. But even now, I remember it as clearly as my first campfire.

I went there with my grandfather, your great great grandpa Charlie. We had gone down to see the great Hindenburg land in our town. Everyone in town was there. You could feel the heat of the people all around you. The stars shined as bright as could be. I saw the great airship come in.

It was big, bigger than anything I had ever seen before. It had great big red swastikas on it, redder than any I had seen before. I could see them very clearly as it came in for a landing. I asked my grandfather how anything could be that big. He didn't answer, he just took another drag on his cigarette and kept watching.

All of a sudden there was this big light from the inside of the ship. It looked like some great paper lantern suspended there in the sky. People didn't know what to make of it, they just looked on, dumb as a sheep looking into an inferno. Then all of a sudden… it bursts into flames.

You could feel the wave of heat wash over you. I can still hear the people screaming. They screamed so loudly… it seemed like all that you could hear was the screaming and the running. I wanted to run, but grandfather held me tightly. I can remember the warmness of his hand as he squeezed me.

Watching that big blimp go down was breathtaking. You could see people trying to get it under control on the ground, and people in the cabins trying to get out. It was just a terrible, terrible thing for a young kid like me to watch…I had forgotten about it till now. But this photo brings it all back.

I've got that warm fuzzy feeling.

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