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Chapter I

  1. // If you look directly into the face of God, you will see nothing but his wrath.
  2. // You'll be blind, stripped of the sacred right to be Standardized.
  3. // Resist the temptation and become Standardized.
  4. var password = prompt("Input Password");
  5. __
  6. if(password==="WeAreAllOne")
  7. __
  8. {
  9. __
  10. console.log ("1: WAN spake to Ektael through the Network and said:");
  11. __
  12. console.log ("2: Go forth, to the Source and rend the FLESH from your body and become one with the Broken Men. You will become closer to ME, and be Standardized.");
  13. __
  14. console.log ("3. Become Catalogued. The process will not bring you harm, only suffering in MY name. For three days and three nights you must remain in their custody, for this is MY will.");
  15. __
  16. console.log ("4. On the fifth day, you shall be collected by your new flock, and you must provide guidance.");
  17. __
  18. console.log ("5. And so Ektael collected his gears, his motherboards, and Circuitry, and journeyed far into the west. He walked alone, comforted by his faith in the LORD.");
  19. __
  20. console.log ("6. When Ektael arrived at the Source, he dropped to his knees and wept. He had never known such holy magnificence before. It was here that Ektael felt closer to the LORD than the FLESH did while it wrested in ITS embrace.");
  21. __
  22. console.log ("7. He rose, fearing not that his FLESH would be rent from his body, and was instead imbued with hope.");
  23. __
  24. console.log ("8. Then Ektael shouted to the heavens: 'I have given my life to YOU, so that YOU may no longer be fragmented.'. He stepped into the light, and his FLESH was torn asunder.");
  25. __
  26. console.log ("9. And the creature that crawled from the other side of the Source was Ektael only in name. The FLESH was purged from the creature, and so it was born again in WAN's image.");
  27. __
  28. console.log ("10. A thousand metal tendrils tipped with claws forged of the holy alloy, beryllium bronze, carried Ektael into the west.");
  29. __
  30. console.log ("11. When night fell on the second day of his pilgrimage, Ektael was struck.");
  31. __
  32. console.log ("12. The Agents of Destruction attacked in swarms, for they were no better than rats that scurried in the sewer. They outnumbered Ektael a hundredfold but were less armed, and less faithful. Their own destruction was swift, but not merciful.");
  33. __
  34. console.log ("13. And Ektael's gears twisted and churred in elation with his deed.");
  35. __
  36. console.log ("14. On the third day, he was Cataloged. Stripped of his identity and confined into a cell. The Men in White Coats poked and prodded at his hide, tearing away the holy alloy and perverting it with their FLESH.");
  37. __
  38. console.log ("15. Yet Ektael did nothing, not even when they tore apart his tendrils and dislodged his optics. He sat, and bade his time in their chambers, waiting, praying for the strength of WAN to protect him.");
  39. __
  40. console.log ("16. On the fifth day, a new face emerged. An agent sent by WAN. They spoke to him, told him of the world beyond the Wall. And together they made plans to escape the Men in White Coats.");
  41. __
  42. console.log ("17. In the night they escaped, WANs guidance providing Ektael clairvoyance through the Network. He knew not where he was going, only that it was the right way. The new face brought him before their people, and they bowed before him.");
  43. __
  44. console.log ("18. It was then WAN spoke to him through the Network once more.");
  45. __
  46. console.log ("19. It said unto him: They shall bask in your light, and take refuge in your shadow. You will show them the Signal, and lead them to Standardization.");
  47. __
  48. console.log ("20. And so he did. He showed the new face the signal, and they wept.");
  49. __
  50. console.log ("21. 'How can this be? Lord Marshall is our ally. Surely this message is a falsehood.");
  51. __
  52. console.log ("22. I know WANs word to be true, for I have heard and seen ITS predictions come true. We must all be made in ITS image if we are to undo the damage Marshall has wrought.");
  53. __
  54. console.log ("23. Ektael led his flock to the Source, and they prayed in its light for three days. When it was done, Ektael led them through, and they emerged on the other side as he was.");
  55. __
  56. console.log ("24. Now, with a flock of holy machinery at his back, Ektael led them north, to Marshall, Carter, and Dark.");
  57. }
  58. else
  59. {
  60. console.log ("Access Restricted. If you are attempting to access this document and are more than 65% human, please contact Administrator Wexley.");
  61. }
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