The Wandsmen Hub
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~The Right Honorable Order of the Wandsmen~

Welcome everyone, please take your seats. Note, if you experience any lingering transformation pains and need to leave during the lecture, please feel free to do so. A marker has been placed on your maps to allow the teleportation command to place you smoothly back in your beds. There is no shame in needing more time to recover, so please do not strain yourselves.

Allow me to formally welcome each of you to the Wandsmen. We are an organization dedicated to bringing the news and the truth to all those who seek knowledge, students of all that is and teachers to all who will listen.

We've been the Multiverse's best source of information and explanations for untold eons and even in these trying times we remain dedicated to bringing the true stories of the worlds we explore to the multiverse at large. The news is a vital institution in a universe as complex as ours, so we do our best to preserve and promulgate all the knowledge we can find so it is not lost to the void.

Now I know you must have a lot of questions, but please hold them until the end of the lecture. So to start-

12th Wandsman of Reedsing, we're not forcing you to be here. If you're just here to disrupt-

12th Wandsman of Reedsing! I have read your file. You did not find a lost map. You got told exactly what this was like from another Wandsman, and you had the chance to back out while the transformation was ongoing. You clearly wanted your map's power more than you wanted your old flesh.

Look, I can understand buyer's remorse. Believe me, I get it. If you need time to process or counseling…

And… he's gone.

What? No, following him wouldn't help. With any luck he'll come back to our dimension when he's blown off some steam. If he doesn't… we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Moving on…

What's all this about?

The Wandsmen are a GoI focused on reporting on anomalous events and preserving knowledge. They have joined the fight to defend the multiverse from destruction largely because of their desire to preserve knowledge.

The Wandsmen are very flexible to write for. Their morality is generally decent, but it can be very alien (imagine preserving knowledge by turning someone into a brain in a jar. Some Wandsmen would think this was terrible, but many of the more alien Wandsmen just "Wouldn't think this was the best method because it restricts those minds from experiencing new things and gaining more interesting information." It certainly wouldn't be seen as an inherently evil act by the Wandsmen at large).

Currently the organization in general is trying to befriend the Foundation as they see them as potential allies in the fight to avoid all their books getting burned, but there's a lot of tension around this because a lot of Wandsmen also want to write about Earth's stories and distribute their magazines.

In short, there is some inherent diplomatic conflict in the setting.

If you have any questions about the GoI and writing for it. please reach out to chaucer345chaucer345 for details!

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