The Wanderer's Library Hub

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Welcome, Wanderer.

The Wanderer's Library is the hub of all knowledge throughout every universe and dimension. Its endless halls carry every book that has or ever will be written (and several that won't). Scholars from worlds unknown stalk its aisles and trash bins for forbidden knowledge. It would take several lifetimes to read the contents of even one shelf in the Library.

So — what are you waiting for?

What is a Library?

It's a lot more than a man-made structure full of books. It can be eclectic collections of all assortment and mannerisms. Arcane knowledge and cookbooks deserve to sit side-by-side, but they are nothing without readers. Without a head to sit in writing is just the pretension of abstract shapes seeking meaning.

Ultimately, libraries are those groups treasuring what little anyone can truly know.

In my younger days, I failed to accomplish my dream. Becoming a library unto myself, seizing all which could be known and fitting it within my own person. Despite my best intentions I've snuffed out the life of more ideas than any Bookburner could ever dream of incinerating.

Unleashing the damnation of fire and forgetting on so many of my fellow patrons is my penultimate regret, before allowing hubris to make me who I am today. So as you browse all the knowledge you could possibly ask for there must always be that voice whispering in your ear to remind you that mortality is a virtue.

Let the Library be the one which keeps all that which cannot be remembered. Else then you may never be able to forget.

The One Who Knows

Where is the Library?

Well, you're standing in it. Go ahead and gawk. Everyone does, their first time. Don't worry, the shelves aren't going to fall down anytime this century. It just feels like it because they're so high and narrow. The Library is… I suppose the best way to describe it would be a hub. Kind of like this hub, except instead for worlds. The Library is at the root of every world, universe, and timeline that has ever existed, or will ever exist. You guys have that saying, right? "All roads lead to Rome"? Yeah, it's kind of like that. No matter where you are in reality (or sometimes out of it), you can always find a way back here. Get it? A Way?

Oh. Man, they don't even tell you what Ways are anymore? Alright, well, a Way is a kind of wormhole — the labcoated fucks at the Foundation probably have some technojargon name for it, but we call them what they are - Ways. Of course, all Ways have Knocks — a kind of trick to get in. There's one in New York where you have to pour chicken blood over a manhole. This one's easy, though. You just need someone who's been inside to invite you. So long as I'm here, you can get though. Next time, you can let yourself in.


Yeah, go ahead. Of course you can read them, don't be stupid. Be a pretty shit library if you couldn't read the books, right? But you won't be able to read all of them, so don't bother trying. I know guys who have spent lifetimes trying to complete just one shelf. And there are countless shelves in the Library — that's not an expression. As far as we know, the place is quite literally infinite, in every direction. At night, try looking up — you can see the stars. Sometimes you come across entire clouds forming at the tops of shelves. Don't ask me where the light comes from — I couldn't tell you. Matter of fact, there's a lot about this place nobody knows. Nobody knows when it was founded; it just seems to have always been here. Nobody knows where the books come from; they just appear. And, of course, nobody knows who created it, if anyone.

Well, nobody who can talk knows. Maybe the Librarians do.


Oh, right. See that tall cloaked guy, with the lantern? Don't stare, it's not polite. Yeah, he has no mouth. He's a Docent, one of the guys who works here. If you need to go somewhere, the Docents show you where it's at. They also make sure no one does anything they're not supposed to. They're one of the three major kinds of Librarians — you also have Pages, the spidery-looking fellas who organize all the books — look, there's one now. There are also Archivists, but those are much less common. You can only find them at the front desk - they're the ones without eyes. That doesn't stop them from knowing where every book is at any given time, though. If you want to check out, you'll need this card to show them. Hold onto the card, by the way. It can act as your ID in a lot of places. And if someone else gets ahold of it, they own you. Another thing to remember — always return your books on time. You don't wanna know what happens to overdues.


We're in the main hall right now — it's a bit emptier this hour, only a hundred people or so. It looks cozy, but don't be fooled - space in here is…. weird. It can expand to fit more people without changing dimensions. It's hard to explain, but you'll see. Feel free to grab a desk or seat and just start, y'know, reading. Everything is shared property in here; we're all Wanderers in spirit. I think there's an Orientation happening in a little while, might wanna hit that up.

Well, I won't take up any more of your time. Happy reading, Wanderer.


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