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Gender: Male
Age: 20
Current Education: College
Nationality: Unknown
Residence: Unknown

wagyusteakwagyusteak is an anonymous user and member of a creative writing website, SCP Wiki, founded in 2008 and currently a frontier for the exploration of the anomalous. From their Wikidot profile, wagyusteakwagyusteak joined the site on 11 Feb 2021 for undetermined reasons, although online activity suggests their keen interest in reading and writing. Their exact background is near impossible to discern due to their sporadic frequencies in partaking in, if any, discussion related to the SCP Wiki and other miscellaneous matters.

However, on 04/11/2032,1 hackers on a discussion forum 0chan reportedly infiltrated and leaked2 some of the user's personal information, such as their current occupation, location of residence, and their marital status. Relevant authorities immediately took notice and removed the information, although it is now widely known that wagyusteakwagyusteak is currently residing in an undisclosed location in Southeast Asia as a college student enrolled in an unnamed institution. Leaked audio recordings of phone calls made between wagyusteakwagyusteak and their close peers indicate an accent speculated to be of East Asian origin.

wagyusteakwagyusteak, according to some sources,3 say that they have not achieved independence from their parents, and has not accrued any income of their own, which some netizens commonly label such individuals as a "NEET".

wagyusteakwagyusteak now maintains a regular profile as an underachieving author within the SCP Wiki community, with their works listed below.

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Kmean Phnek



"A silly little thing I crunched out under Jamcon day 1. The base concept took me back to quite a while ago — if you haven't guessed it, it's just a huge anglerfish that gobbles up capitalists. That's probably the most succinct I can put it, I think."


"I had the thought of a slaughter store for quite a while, and I imbued the concept of material greed and the attractive power of sales. Some of the people who took a look at this in its early stages apparently reminded them of a typical Black Friday fiasco, which was a pleasant surprise. For this particular one, I wanted to emulate a little bit of WerylliumWeryllium's style as part of the Imposter syndrome challenge: short, yet punchy on its own, be it explicitly shown or through implication."


"One of my first works on the wiki, as part of an entry for Cupid con. It's kind of a personal thing for me, since I tried to picture myself in such a situation and how I feel. I do admit I may have cringed a little when I was trying to write *ROMANCE* because I had zero experience in relationships…"

"… I also had no experience working, so I wouldn't have completely known the daily struggles of an office worker in *hard* oligarchic capitalist society. This would've been a literal slice-of-life romcom if not for the ending, yeah. It's admittedly a little out of place, but I think I'm satisfied, generally. It's also my first piece to be translated to Vietnamese!"

Project Ibarahime, 1945

"First entry for the IJAMEA GoI format. I was real excited when I first saw this on the wiki, since I tend to like alternate history and the like. I did struggle with the tone on how the IJAMEA would document anomalies, but I think I managed to get by okay. The core concept was once made into an SCP, but I scrapped it and went full on with IJAMEA instead, because why not? This was actually quite enjoyable to write, since I wouldn't be so locked in by the clinical tone of SCP articles but simultaneously maintaining that cold, harsh underlying motives behind every instruction."

Kmean Phnek

"Parawatch. Yes. It's history again, but it's set in the time of the Vietnam War. My entry for Jamcon day 2, and I know the time when I had to research on a bit of Cambodian mythology and a bit of their culture to give it that feel, you know? I'm personally satisfied with how it turned out, and I enjoyed writing every bit of this, especially if it's anything *spooky*."


Ah well, what it says on the tin. Title's merely a prompt for the creck fec thingie for April Fools 2021, but again… I ran out of time back then.

It's Not Quiet

I had a shower thought of eliminating off an entire planet's civilization through rather unconventional means. Mash that with cosmic horror and GRB madness, and you get a WDB scenario (no relation to the canon though). Flawed science logic go!

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