Waffle Date
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Today wasn't just any old waffle day.


Was a waffle date day…

One of the best days of the month for Clef.

Clef's room was dark, and still as messy as ever. He knew Kondraki would be over soon so he scooped up a few items and hurriedly stuffed them into various cabinets or under his sofa before nodding to himself like he did a good job. He quite literally pat himself on the back for making an effort.

In the middle of Clef's living room sat a coffee table doubled up as a regular table for this evening. It was decorated with plates, various syrups that were probably not just for waffles tonight, and lit candles.

It wasn't long before the doorbell rang, on time as usual.

Clef quickly smoothed down his blue flowery shirt and rushed to the door, swinging it open until it hit the wall. The wall already had a hole in it from the door knob. "Konnie!" Clef beamed, wrapping his arms tightly around Kondraki in greeting.

"Wha— Oh." The smell of waffles cooking hit Kondraki's nose. He wrapped his arms around Clef and took in a deep breath. "That time already, hrm? I thought you were a bit more excited than normal."

Clef lets go, reeling back on his heels as he tugs Kondraki's arm. He pulls the other to the coffee table and sits him down on the floor. "The waffles won't be long now. I made something special tonight."

"Don't you always make them extra special…" Kondraki said, more to himself, as Clef was already rushing off to the kitchen.

"NOPE!" Clef yelled back rather quickly. "I said SOMETHING special!"

It wasn't long before Clef was walking back out of the kitchen, holding an Aquafina water bottle with a piping hot waffle protruding from its nozzle. "Trust me on this, I've done this hundreds of times." He rushed over to Kondraki, placing the waffle-filled bottle on the floor near himself as he sat on his lover's lap. Kondraki was starting to understand why Clef was eager tonight but looked uncertain about the bottle…

Kondraki didn't really have time to process what was going on, but with Clef on his lap with his hands hastily undoing his pants, he slowly relaxed and leaned back. "I thought it was waffle night," he smirked, resting his head back with his arms behind his head and closing his eyes.

The sound of a crinkling water bottle filled the room before a light 'pop'… Then silence.

"… Clef."

Clef stared down almost in shock, then back up to Kondraki, then back down again. "This usually doesn't happen this is just a cheaper fleshligh-".

"What do you mean it doesn't usually happen—" Kondraki said more firmly this time, he sat forwards and looked down to see an Aquafina bottle stuck on his penis with a syrupy waffle sat inside it.

"CLEF," Kondraki yelped, grabbing the bottle to try and get it off with a pained grunt.

"Well usually you just- You know- Have fun with it but I guess I underestimated the syrup-"

"Please, just call a taxi- Clef."

Now standing in defeat, Clef stood up and grabbed a household phone. He dialed a local taxi number, ordering one for as soon as possible.

The pair stood on the sidewalk, Kondraki with no pants on and Clef with his undone, just outside of the apartment with everything swaying in the cold night's breeze. They held each other for warmth and waited as close to the road as they could.

It wasn't long before the taxi arrived. Clef flagged the taxi down with a hand. It slowed down as it got closer but soon picked up its speed at the sight of two grown-ass men standing there, one of whom had a bottle stuck to his dick.

"HEY!" Clef barked angrily, running impressively fast after the scared taxi driver who was doing double in the zone.

The quiet sound of plastic hitting concrete whimpered softly in the breeze. After all, it was cold… And Kondraki was no longer stuck in his Aquafina-branded bottle.

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