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The creation of Voiiiii, circa 2300 B.C.E.


Voiiiii’s first termination attempt at God, circa 2022 C.E.

Existence is pain. You know who makes things exist? God. Therefore, God is pain. And for this, I intend to show Him His horrible mistake by letting me loose into this mortal realm. Is it petty? Absolutely, however I’ve tried to have a conversation with Him but He never responds. I get left on read by God. I did not ask to be born, yet here I am. This is why I am as spiteful as I am. Well, I don’t mind being born; I mind being a human. I should’ve been born as an orangutan, where I could swing from vine to vine and be stupid. All I have to do is wave and people would cheer. But alas, I am a human, and God will live to regret this decision. I know nothing of mercy, and if you want proof, look below.

On a more serious note…

Hi! I’m Voiiiii, an author on-site. I love to read SCPs whenever I get the chance and definitely love writing them. I participated in Departmentcon 2022 and was the captain of a team which ended up doing the Department of Eidophysics1 which, although we did not qualify, was a lot of fun to write for. I have about a thousand ideas that I could write about, and I’m pretty sure an Angel dies every time I come up with a new one. I hope you like my works! Cheers!

Crit Requests

If you’re reading this, then for some ungodly reason you would like my critique. I will gladly critique any given work (including ideas, tales, SCPs, GOIs, etc.) but there definitely are a few things you should know about how I critique. First, you will either receive a message from me saying I cannot critique your work (which is rare) or you will see a post I made on your forum that says crit will be added later. Please be patient with this, I am a very slow reader but I do make sure to crit whenever I get the chance. A key for how long your crit will take:

Length Time
500 words or less 1 day (there likely won’t even be a placeholder post)
500-1000 1-2 days
1000-3500 2-4 days
3500-6000 4-6 days
6000+ 7+ days

I try to be as efficient as possible, but I apologize if your crit arrives late. Have a good day!


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Item#: 6365 Level1 Containment Class: esoteric Secondary Class: conscientia Disruption Class: keneq Risk Class: danger link to memo An image of...
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The following Foundation document was written by multiple researchers. Originally, the document’s creator, Anderson Pale, was only asking for help with the writing process as he was...
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The Anatomy Of A Specter
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Foreward: The following document is a research paper about the atomic properties of spectral entities. The research was conducted by Dr. Vigo Wilcastle, head of the Department of Eidophysics. It...
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Welcome to Ghost Theory
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To: Dr. Vigo Wilcastle From: Dr. Gregory Lawrence Subject: New Theory Dr. Wilcastle, I believe I have come up with an important theory in this world roamed by ghosts, however I do not have high...
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Voiiiii’s Author Page
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