Personnel File: Molly "Moth" Irvine
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Name: Molly Velleda Irvine

Clearance Level: 2

Current Assignment: ECRG (Experimental Containment Research Group)

Biography: Researcher Irvine was born on July 6th, 1989 to a family of Foundation personnel. Xe was enrolled in the Foundation's internal education system, before officially joining the Metaphysics Department in 2016.


Irvine in the Site-42 breakroom.

In 2019, due to a containment breach involving an unknown proto-conceptual anomaly, Researcher Irvine's face was conceptually damaged. Xer mouth and its functions were irrecoverable, and were removed.

It was decided that Researcher Irvine required an extended reassignment for mental health purposes, and xe was given a low-risk position as a part of the ECRG.

Xe has expressed a higher level of productivity and contentness with this assignment; the rest of xer team has given xer the nickname of "Moth," a reference to the Actias luna, which lacks a mouth and digestive system.

Reports: Researcher Irvine has aided in the containment or documentation of various anomalies throughout xer career. Database links to projects xe has been involved with are included below.

SCP-5097 A former member of the Unreality Department. Current whereabouts unknown, if any.
SCP-5129 An extradimensional space, located within a tree stump in France.
SCP-6133 A wooden watchtower with an unusual visual anomaly.
SCP-5289 A cube composed of concrete and rebar.
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