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I decided to make an art page because why not?

Most of the art here is probably going to be screenshots / clips from an SCP Animation I'm working on that I need to get back to work on at some point. I also work on two SCP games so I may post some art from that if I can.

Most of the SCP art I have from before I started that animation are really old and look like shit so I will probably just shove that all in a collapsible as a "see how far I've come" kind of thing.

SCP Pipedream

This is the animation I mentioned earlier. I haven't been keeping track but if I had to guess, I'd say I put 50 to 150 hours into it. I think I started this in early 2018 or late 2017, but I only worked on it on-off for awhile before completely abandoning the project for a few months because I got distracted with other projects. I am hoping to finish up some stuff and get back to work on this so I can finish it and get it out the door.

The basic synopsis of the animation is "Security guard goes on a drug trip". The entertainment is more from the trippy visuals of the animation rather than a story, but I do want to have a story in the background for you to pick up on. Before you ask, no I have never done drugs, other than coffee.

FYI I am making the animation in ToonBoom, with backgrounds made in Gimp.

Also, I am working on this project by myself, but I want to look into finding voice actors at some point down the line.

SCP Games

I work in the concept art department for SCP Ascension but I don't have anything of my own to show here. All of that is under lock and chain.

I also work on a game called SCP Foundation Command which is pretty early in development. I do graphics for it but most of what I've done so far is concept / placeholder since we are still very early.

The game is similar to Prison Architect except you build an SCP site facility instead of a prison, so of course there has to be D-Class. Here is a mock-up for a D-Class design.

The plan is to have a wide variety of body and face types so most of them won't have an ugly ass chin.

Other SCP stuff

Here is an abandoned animation project called "Project Shotgun". It was going to take place in the Bellerverse but I realized my plans were way too ambitious and unachievable so I abandoned it and reworked a lot of my ideas into Pipe Dream.

There is nothing but a green screen for the second half of the video because I exported the video wrong.


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