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Hello, my name
is Vivarium. You
can call me Viva.

I didn't expect to stick around
for as long as I have, but I'm
glad I did. This is a great
place, and I have grown to
love this community quite a bit.

I discovered the SCP community around the time of series 2 ( maybe 3 idk ). I would pop in and read every now and then, but never got around to joining the community. I officially joined the site in September of 2020 because I wanted to practice writing.

I assume you clicked on that link to see what I've done, so take a look at my things!



This right here was my first SCP. It had a bit of a shaky start but I'm happy with the end result.

SCP-5120 Fidelis Roma


"Long ago the city was attacked. She acted as a shield and allowed herself to be wounded to protect the people of Fidelis Roma. Many of our people perished, but we survived. Ever since she has given us the gift of isolation. We are safe because of her. She… is our savior."


This was a real challenge to write. I wanted to write a short sad story. I'm happy this did well.

SCP-5803 One More Song


"The tragedy is not always easy to see. Sometimes the sadness lies in the implications."


I had a lot of fun working with Grigori on this one. I find it to be hilarious so give it a read.

SCP-5681 Gehenna Arcade


- Collab with Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin

"Gehenna Arcade is the next exciting project from Vikander-Kneed Technical Media. A classic gameshow featuring host Jeremy Kincaid."


Try Again?

I'll be honest, I just wanted to write a violent tale were the main protagonist dies over and over again.


"Your head throbs as your vision returns. The easy option was never an option."

Progressive Retrograde

This was my entry into the 2021 CupidCon event. Got 3rd place in tales so I'm happy with that. As of right now this is my best story. Read it.


"She said yes. A simple yes had never filled me with so much happiness before."

GoI Formats

La Rue Post: Willie's Shine

My great grandfather lived in the hills making moonshine. That's why I made this.


"That big ass gator that clawed my eye out is still out there, so if ya see it… kill it dead."

    • _

    Life is just a commodity
    I’m too broke to try and get
    I’m just a simple oddity
    That’s feeling like shit

    I’m stuck in a bad habit
    Of staying in my bed
    I feel like saying fuck it
    So I’m living in my head

    I should take care of myself
    Because I’m such a fucking mess
    I’m living on the bottom shelf
    With the rest of the less

    It’s hard to see the bright side
    When I’m feeling like a homebody
    I lie to myself and say I tried
    I'm having a lonely pity party

    I want to lose a day
    Pretending I don’t exist
    Spend a night dreaming
    That I don’t exist

    People say I’m looking better
    They don’t know I’m in stormy weather
    I feel like I’m under water
    I don’t know why I even bother

    I say I’m fine through a fake smile
    So people don’t get to know me
    Drinking to forget for a little while
    The feeling of being lonely

    I tried to to change my outlook
    But I just want to try and leave
    I wish my life was like a book
    Living in the make believe

    My friends say I should take a break
    But they don’t know about my mind
    My thoughts are plastic and fake
    I will never be able to unwind

    I want to lose a day
    Pretending I don’t exist
    Spend a night dreaming
    That I don’t exist

    I don’t give a fuck
    I’m on a train to a job I hate
    Hoping that I get stuck
    so I show up late

    I watch the world through the window
    I wanna try and run away
    While I’m feeling so low
    But that’s only easy to say

    I’m trying to see the light
    But I don't see a reason to try
    I’m too weak to fight
    When I feel like a bad lie

    So I lose my self in a haze
    And sleep my day away
    My friends said it was a phase
    They say that every day

    I want to lose a day
    Pretending I don’t exist
    Spend a night dreaming
    That I don’t exist

    The world is a dream killer
    And I'm addicted to the sandman
    So I only talk to my dealer
    So I can forget who I am

    No one sees how I've survived
    They've only seen the fake me
    They don't know how I've tried
    To rewrite this story

    I'm looking for better days
    But there is none I can see
    I'm rising above the waves
    But I'm still stuck in the sea

    I want to fly away to a place I can be
    Live in a place where I feel like me
    A place where I can finally see
    The beautiful sky above the sea

    I want to lose a day
    Pretending I want to exist
    Spend a night dreaming
    That I want to exist

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