Vincent_Redgrave's Author Page

Vincent_Redgrave is a 20-something year old aspiring illustrator, writer, and Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Particularly in the Steampunk subgenre) fan. He is currently doing absolutely nothing of importance somewhere deep in the dark recesses of the South-Eastern United States. His inbox is always open for tale or SCP drafts, as he loves to read, though it may take him a few days to get back to you, and he is almost always on #site19 under the names Vince, Vince|Mobile, or Vince|*insert current activity*. Look him up if you want someone to talk to or get some feedback on whatever you have.

Also, you can find him through the official SCP Foundation Facebook and Tumblr pages (links in the sidebar), where he'll gladly answer any questions you may have in relation to the foundation, or pester everyone among the older members of staff until he finds you an answer. Go check them out!

His works for the SCP Foundation are as follows:


  • SCP-1541 - A forgotten alcoholic god of euphoria gets drunk and tries to text up some new followers.
  • SCP-1641 - Butterflies that breed explosively, in several different ways, and the budding sorcerer who made them.
  • SCP-1810 - An otherworldly French babysitter just wants to go home. Oh, and he is a terrible chef.
  • SCP-1910 - A bunch of hippies learn why you should never mix drugs and magic, and that "becoming one with nature" isn't that wonderful.

Foundation Tales:

Shifting Gears

In this series of tales, an elder Priest of the Broken God tries to both reform his faith and protect his followers from all outside attackers, making very hard (and sometimes morally questionable) decisions and alliances along the way. Part of the Et Tam Deum Petivi canon. Currently in-progress.

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