Vikander-Kneed Technical Media Hub


Mission Statement:

Here at Vikander-Kneed we like to pride ourselves on being at the bleeding edge of media and communications technology. Our goal has been the betterment of the person and society through unbiased and aesthetically pleasing communications.

If there’s a better world out there, then it’s up to all of us to achieve it together. Efficient and entertaining media is the most important step on the road to Utopia.

Won’t you join us in this Better TomorrowTM?

Our Credentials:

Techniques we’ve mastered in the pursuit of communications excellence:

  • Radio/Television/Internet Broadcasting!
  • Movie Production and Distribution!
  • At Home Entertainment Distribution!
  • Black Magic!
  • Entertainment Content Production!
  • Instructional Content Production!
  • Murder!
  • Psychological Warfare!
  • Graphic Design!

Keep an eye out for products labelled Vikander-Kneed Technical Media.

We’re everywhere media is sold.

We’re here for you!


Vikander-Kneed Technical Media is a cursed media Group of Interest. They have their fingers in all aspects of media production and distribution, utilizing the anomalous to do so.

Focused mostly on the unsettling or the sickly humorous, Vikander-Kneed has produced radio shows, instructional VHS tapes, exercise DVDs, bonus features on entertainment DVDs (such as director’s commentaries), documentaries, music, and streaming services.

In existence since the 1950s, Vikander-Kneed’s activities and distribution of content are a significant threat to normalcy, and the anomalies connected to their activities have an unpredictable set of capabilities. So far, their mode of operation and overall mission is completely opaque to the Foundation.

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