Video Log 1743-26
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Foreword: The following is an excerpt from the final "episode" on Disk 1743-12, entitled "Series Finale." This episode lasted exactly 76 hours, 14 minutes, and 34 seconds in total. Dr. █████ had already shown extreme stress due to SCP-1743-3 prior to this incident
<Commence Log>

75:58:42 - [Dr. █████ is seen sitting at a desk similar to that in his own office, peeling a kiwi fruit with a small knife.]

75:58:57 - [Dr. █████ suddenly jerks his arm and drops the knife, seeming to have sliced his hand by accident. A low chuckle is heard from SCP-1743-3. Dr. █████ looks up and grimaces, still holding his wound.]

75:59:07 - Dr. █████: What the [expletive] is so funny? Where are you and why are you doing this?

75:59:16 - [No reply from SCP-1743-3. Dr. █████ places his head on the desk and sobs for several minutes.]

76:08:19 - [Dr. █████ reaches into one of the desk drawers and removes a handgun. It misfires and startles him, causing him to fall backwards out of his chair and hit his head. SCP-1743-3 responds with roaring laughter.]

76:08:37 - Dr. █████: St… Stop it… STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

76:08:45 - [Laughter becomes progressively louder to the point of screaming. Dr. █████ fumbles for the firearm and readies the barrel in his mouth.

76:09:02 - [The pistol fires, killing Dr. █████. Laughter ceases.]

76:09:53 - [After several seconds of complete stillness, Dr. █████ animates and rises to his feet, despite the fatal wound. He approaches the front of the stage, joined by several instances of SCP-1743-2, and all proceed to bow. SCP-1743-3 responds with applause.]

76:13:43 - [Applause ceases. Dr. █████ becomes inanimate once more and falls off the stage into the audience area. All SCP-1743-2 instances return backstage.]

76:14:34 - [Episode ends.]

<End Log>

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